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  MAJ 22:12 04 Dec 2003

I've had my BB connection for about two months now and am considering setting up another PC in my bedroom and sharing my BB connection with this PC which is downstairs. I know I have a few choices on how to do it, but I need some "joined-up thinking". I know basically that I can do it three ways:

1. Install an ethernet card in each PC and network them using a crossover cable, then by leaving this PC connected and using Windows' ICS, share the connection on the bedroom PC. But I know ICS can be a bit of a chore to configure, or at least I believe it can be.......I've never done it before.

2. Get a router and connect the two PCs to the router.

3. Wireless network, but that's a little expensive, so I'll forget about that for a while.

I think option 2 might be best, so a few things need to be clarified for me.

I have an ADSL modem connected via USB. Can that be connected to a router? If not, do I need another modem (ethernet??)? Or does the router have a built-in modem? If the router has a built-in modem, is it still connected to the telephone socket on the wall with an RJ11 cable, or is it connected another way (I've never seen a router before)?

Both PCs will be running XP.

Grateful for some clarification, people. :-)

  DAG88 22:21 04 Dec 2003

Your ADSL modem connects directly to the router so all connections will be the same else where except the computers will be connected to the router instead of modem

Eg, ISP -> Modem -> Router -> PCs

  MAJ 22:41 04 Dec 2003

Thanks for the reply, DAG88. So the router has a USB port on it for my modem to connect to, yes? As I said, I've never seen one.

  DAG88 22:47 04 Dec 2003

no, sorry i forgot to mention they all link up using network cables not USB

  DAG88 22:49 04 Dec 2003

if your modem does not have a Ethernet output you will have to buy a new modem with 1 if you r to use a standard router. Maby someine else can advise if any exist that use USB although I have never seen 1

  MAJ 22:55 04 Dec 2003

Unfortunatly my modem doesn't have an ethernet connection on it, DAG88, only a USB connection.

  DAG88 23:04 04 Dec 2003

sorry but I don't know the USB alternative for your problem (or even if there is 1!).

Someone else will have to guide you from here....

  Mr_Nice_Guy 23:13 04 Dec 2003

yes you will have to buy a new ethernet modem. although i have seen a usb ethernet adapter, i wonder if they will work. anyone tried it?

  MAJ 23:14 04 Dec 2003

Thanks for your help thus far, DAG88. I'm now wondering if a router, with an ADSL modem combined, might be my answer, if there is such a thing? If there is such a thing, then maybe this connects directly to the ADSL micro-filter on the 'phone socket?

Has anyone else any input that might clarify things for me?

  Boluwd 00:50 05 Dec 2003

I've installed an identical setup of a pc with USB ADSL modem downstairs ( XP Home and a Win98SE PC upstairs connected via crossover cable. It's not that difficult and the downstairs XP pc acts as the gateway for the one upstairs. I used the network wizard and plenty of advice and references from this forum. It can be a bit temperamental but that's because I have an XP and 98 setup. Have a go....don't waste money on more hardware if you don't need to.

  MAJ 10:11 05 Dec 2003

Sorry Mr_Nice_Guy, I missed your post last night, we posted at about the same time. It's beginning to look like I'll have to buy a new modem, if I'm to use a router.

Bol Uwd, I think you're referring to my Option 1 above. I know I can do it that way and it certainly would be less expensive, but, I believe the host computer would need to be on if I wanted to access the internet using the bedroom PC. I would also have to install ICS, which I know can be a bit of a nuisance to get right at times. I think the router option, although a little more expensive, might be my best/easiest option, if I can find out how to do it correctly.

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