Internet Connection Set Up Problem

  Nic 14:23 01 Sep 2003

I have had to reinstall my Windows XP but now find that I cannot set up a new internet connection. The connection wizard allows me to complete a manual set up but does not allow me to connect using my internal 56k dial up modem. The option (and the one below for a broadband requiring user name and password) is greyed out. The only option is for a non-existent broadband connection that is always on.

I have gone through all the usual Troubleshooting questions without success. My modem is set up ok and is ready to go but I am at a loss to understand where to go next.

Any ideas folks?

  Mezzo 15:00 01 Sep 2003

i had that problem a few weeks back, and the following worked for me.....

Run: regedit
Select folders in the following order:
-Current Control Set
-when you get to this point, you should see 4 folders (numbered 4, 13, 25, 26)
-DELETE: folders 25 and 26

be very careful though. this relates to 'cannot load remote access connection manager service' which i guess youre getting too?

  handful 15:16 01 Sep 2003


Check out my thread that has just been resolved.
Just reinstalled SP1 and issue sorted thanks to ßéŁâ. Weird you were having exactly the same problem at the same time!!

  Nic 11:32 07 Sep 2003

Thanks to everyone for their input. Problem was resolved and everything is back to normal.

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