Internet Connection Problems

  00edgarj 16:28 14 Nov 2003

We have recently been experiencing problems connecting to the net from one or more user accounts. The connection is established without any problems, and the browser (IE6) will go to the Home Page IF and only if the URL has no /'s in it...

i.e. click here is OK

but click here will not load.

Even when a page is opened from the root directory, no links from the site (and it is any website) will work. Typing in another web address will not work (the browser does not even try to make a connection to the site) unless there is a / in the address.

This only happenes on one of the 4 accounts on our WinXP Pro Machine, I have since reformatted the HDD and re-installed windows anyway due to other issues and the problem now occurs on a different account. The accounts have all the same access rights (for the purpose of testing I set them all as administrators) and I can connect to and use the internet from my account with no problems.

I have all the current patches from Microsoft, and my ISP Is NTLWorld 56K.

Any ideas?



  bugzy-no1 23:59 14 Nov 2003

the thing that springs to my mind on rading your question is firewall ,the same thing happend with my brother inlaw he hept geting the 404 error or need to detect settings and the culpret was norton 2003 it was filtering everything out ,i gess u r using a router as well then that is like a firewall as well so try redusing the sicurity settings (on a safe site )and see if that helps

  00edgarj 13:00 15 Nov 2003

Thanks for your Message. I do have Norton Internet Security 2002 (containing Norton Firewall 2002) but it is set to exactly the same settings as for my account. Even when I completely disable the firewall, we still have the problem.

And we don't get a 404 error. We don't get anythng. You can go to a website but as soon as a / is put in the address ( I shall try the examples again as they were 'click here'd earlier)

w w w . p c a d v i s o r . c o . u k

would work


w w w . p c a d v i s o r . c o . u k / n e w s

would not.

It is not just the PCA site - no sites with a / will work. THe computer makes the 'click' sound when you press enter or click go, but the windows logoo at the top does not spin and the status bar does not begin to work - the browser does not attempt to search for a page.

Thanks anyway, any more ideas appreciated.


  00edgarj 20:51 18 Nov 2003

Can anyone think whether it is an access right or software problem? If I log on as the affected user (there is now only one) and then right click on Internet Explorer and choose RUN AS, I can RUN AS me or whoever else and it will still work. However, there is no way to save this setting - you have to try this each time.

Any more ideas?

Thanks very much,


  00edgarj 22:18 23 Nov 2003

By Installing Opera and setting it as the default browser for this user, the web can now be browsed. This eliminates the possibility of a port block, and I think it also eliminates my Firewall (which I have tried disabling anyway)

This is a short term fix which at least narrows the problem down to Internet Explorer and enables this user to browse the web. However, she would like to continue using IE6 so if anyone has any ideas what could be causing IE to not request pages with / in the address, I would appreciate you posting a message here.



  JimmE 02:52 21 Nov 2004

Old post, markig resolved.

(It works fine now, has been re-formatted several more times anyway and we now have broadband through a router!)

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