internet connection problem

  coubury 17:55 28 Jan 2007

i have 3 pc's running on the same netowrk one via ethernet the other via usb and the other via wireless, i have 6.5 meg broadband speed, now my problem is mine is connected via ethernet but is really slow with browsing pages and downlaoding etc,

is there any way i can limit the other two computers connectivity to give me a higher percentage of the speed?

  FreeCell 18:18 28 Jan 2007

What are the other computers doing that you want to limit? Video streaming? May be that your speed problems are nothing to do with other users. We have a three user network on a 2Mb broadband line and haven't noticed any degradation of internet performance on a specific PC.

Not sure you can limit their use of the bandwidth other than disable them completely. What make/model of router are you using?

  coubury 18:30 28 Jan 2007

i want to limit there internet connectivity

im using a bt voyager 2091

  FreeCell 20:44 28 Jan 2007

I don't believe with your, or most other domestic kit, that you can split the bandwidth across PCs.

Have you looked more at your PC to see what may be making it slow? Is it slow when the others are working fine? There are many reports of BT being slow during certain times of day but that would affect you all.

Run spyware and virus checking just to be sure none of these are causing problem.

What firewall are you using? Check settings to ensure that it isn't slowing things down.

Try updating your ethernet drivers to any latest version.

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