Internet connection problem

  [DELETED] 09:40 31 Dec 2003

When I try and connect to my ISP using a Genius 56k modem it appears to connect o.k because it says it connected to freenetname and the time elapsed is shown but when I open i.e 6 it says page not displayed and DNS error, could not find server on any web site. In outlook it also says it cannot find the pop3 server even though the mail account is setup correctly. This was working before I re-formated and the only difference is now I'm using a new modem and have Norton Internet Security 2003 installed. Does anyone have any ideas. I was going to uninstall NIS to see if that would work. I'm on win98se (I can still connect to my ISP o.k on another PC)

  [DELETED] 12:50 31 Dec 2003

If you have the firewall installed you may need to configure the firewall to allow your mail client and IE access to the internet

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