Internet Connection - Preferred Order

  daba 14:18 11 Jan 2010

I have 2 XP SP3 laptops on a local wired LAN.

Both laptops can connect to the Internet via my WiFi router no problems, but only if they are disaconnected from the LAN.

I have checked the Advanced Settings, and the preferred order is set to Wireless First, LAN second, so I don't know why this isn't working correctly.

Anyone got any ideas ?

  woodchip 14:32 11 Jan 2010

wired does not have no adjustment it should just connect as soon as you plug ethernet cable in. where wireless will not run at all unless you first start it in the router, as it is disabled by default until you turn it on. Ethernet just works out of the box after you Run Setup Page in the Router for your ISP provider and User Name and Password. Ethernet always comes before Wireless

  daba 14:44 11 Jan 2010

Thanks for response Woodchip.

"Ethernet always comes before Wireless"

I sould be able to get connection to Internet via the wireless router, and still have LAN connection.

Under Network Connections->Advanced->Advanced Settings->Adapters and Bindings, there is a Connections window that allows you to select the order in which networks are used.

This should enable me to have wired-LAN connectivity in place, and still let the PCs access the Internet via wireless.

But it don't work,i have to pull the LAN plug to let the laptop onto the internet.

  woodchip 15:03 11 Jan 2010

yes you should if you have first run the setup page not run setup cd for ISP provider.

If you ran the CD to setup you internet when you first got it, you need to connect by Ethernet the rerun the CD to setup the Router to Ethernet, with the PC connected by Ethernet Cable

  Woolwell 15:11 11 Jan 2010

I think that this may be down to IP allocation by the router. You have connected by wire and the router allcoates an IP address for the system. You then try to connect wirelessly but still connected. my unerstanding is that the router will not then allocate a new IP address.

Actually I don't understand what you are trying to do. Wired is always preferentially to wireless in that the connection speed will be better and more reliable. Why do you want them connected both ways?

  daba 15:41 11 Jan 2010

This is a training environment.

The laptops will definately need wired Ethernet to connect with the equipment being taught, and I will be using remote desktop to take over the student PCs. This will be a very private LAN, unconnected with any other, even if one is available.

I need wireless internet connection on them for downloading software, and for online assessments etc.

I am setting this up with my home wireless router, but will eventually use client's own wifi connections.

Everything works perfectly unless the laptops are plugged into the wired network at the same time.

The advanced settings i talked about should solve the problem, allowing me to specify connection preferred order, but it isn't doing so.

  daba 15:45 11 Jan 2010

PS. It is nothing to do with IP allocation by the router. Everything is on fixed IPs in the NetID.

PPS, the wired LAN is NOT connected to the wireless router, it is a separate network.

Sorry if i've not been clear explaining the set-up

  daba 15:48 11 Jan 2010

Think of it this way.

A classroom full of laptops, that need a wired LAN to connect to equipment.

Each laptop also needs to get onto the internet at times, via a wifi access point.

  Woolwell 16:04 11 Jan 2010

That does help because I wasn't visualising it like that at all.

  Woolwell 16:06 11 Jan 2010

How many routers do you have?

  Woolwell 16:06 11 Jan 2010

Networking forum may be better for this.

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