Internet Connection OK, No File or Printer Sharing

  thegreypanther 15:43 24 Dec 2005

Excuse my total ignorance, but this WiFi business is really throwing me.
I have a PC and a laptop which both happily access the internet through a Sweex 11g router, the router being connected to the PC by an ethernet cable and the router getting its signal from a cable modem.
However, I cannot set up a wireless network that enables file and printer sharing between the PC and laptop. Should I be connecting the two together by an ethernet cable, this cable plugged into one of the three vacant LAN ports on the router? Any tips that will help me establish file and printer sharing will be very much appreciated.

  scotty 16:39 24 Dec 2005

You need to enable file & printer sharing (method varies slightly for each operating system).

You need to give your network a name e.g. MSHOME and each computer on the network a unique name.

To share files you must setup a drive or a folder to be shared.

Post back with your operating system and which of the above you need to do and someone will tell you how.

  thegreypanther 16:47 24 Dec 2005

I have gone through the procedure, step-by-step, in "creating a network" as per the MS Network Wizard. The PC and the laptop each have a name, the network kas a name, and file and printer sharing is enabled.
Neither PC nor laptop appears in "View Network Connections".
As there is a LAN card in the laptop, and there are 3 vacant LAN ports on the wireless router, I am just wondering whether I am being especially stupid in expecting file and printer sharing to be effected over the wireless network or whether the PC and laptop are expecting to contact each other via an ethernet cable for file and printer sharing.

  scotty 17:59 24 Dec 2005

Open Explorer, left click on C:\ and select Properties, you should see a tab "Sharing". Select this tab and tick the "Share as" box. Repeat on other computer.

At least one folder must be set to share in this way for the computer to show on the network.

As to your question, file and printer sharing works on wired and wireless connections.

  hellred 10:35 25 Dec 2005

You dont have a network running at the moment and need to do the following.
Check: Workgroup is the same on both PCs( that must be exactly the same on both ), all protocols are installed ( they might show in properties but not ticked ), on the main pc enable a folder as shared ( you right click and set to share )and the same with the printer. Re-boot both pc, start the main one first then the laptop. Then use the add printer to install the printer on the laptop after that go to the network in control panel ( my network places ) and add network place ( thats the folder you set to share ).At the moment it seems that you are connected to the router but cannot see the main pc and are confusing the two to be the same, they are seperate parts and function independant.

  thegreypanther 17:46 25 Dec 2005

Mnay thanks for the helpful advice.
What appears to have been holding me up was the Personal Firewall. Also, there is an item in the "Network Tasks" box in XP Pro which says "Show icons for networked UPnP devices" which when selected seemed to open everything up.
I have disabled the Personal Firewall (there seem to be two levels here, - one for external and one for internal) but will now experiment to see whether this has any effect on things.
No doubt about it but PCs are frustrating beasts!

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