Internet connection keeps terminating`

  [DELETED] 12:21 29 Nov 2003

When I Connect to the internet my connection gets terminated almost immediately. I think I have a virus on my machine, can anyone advise me on what to do. Thanks.

  [DELETED] 12:29 29 Nov 2003

What operating system are you using? are you getting any messages? what ISP etc.

  Forum Editor 12:29 29 Nov 2003

1. Get any kind of onscreen message?

2. Have anti-virus software installed?

  bremner 12:30 29 Nov 2003

The obvious answer is to run an Anti Virus check on the machine.

Click on the Free Online Scan click here

  bremner 12:31 29 Nov 2003

Doh...can't connect long enough to run on line scan. Sorry

  [DELETED] 12:31 29 Nov 2003

OPerating system-Windows Millenium
No anti-virus
Think I picked it up using Kazza

  [DELETED] 12:38 29 Nov 2003

Going to buy some anti virus software.


  [DELETED] 13:15 29 Nov 2003

Apologies to Wicker10 for coming in on his thread.I'm having very similar problems my connection speed has dropped dramatically over the last few weeks from an average 40-45 kbps to
26-32kbps and the last few days connection dropping out after between 5-30 minutes.Usually enough time to check emails.System XP home,ISP
Etelecom Internet Dialup,have emailed ISP tech. helpline no response yet,unable to phone helpline
hearing disability makes phoning very difficult
I,m responding offline and hoping to connect long enough to send.
Modem CNXT V9x PC1 Modem(Com 3)
Any help appreciated
FE No onscreen messages Norton Anti-virus installed

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