Internet connection keeps cutting out

  aly-lfc 21:23 14 Dec 2009

Hi there, for the past few weeks my internet connection keeps cutting out, this seems to be getting worse so that now it happens frequently after about 10 mins or so. The modem is a BT voyager 190, sometimes the two middle lights go out (leaving the outer two on) but recently it will cut out and all four lights are still lit. Would I be right in thinking the modem is at fault?

I have another modem which I could try out, i've been given a netgear wireless ADSL modem DG834G, can I just plug that in or do I need to anything else?

Any help appreciated!

  User-1229748 21:33 14 Dec 2009

are you connected by ethernet cable?if so then that is all you need to connect to the netgear.

  User-1229748 21:36 14 Dec 2009

i've just looked at the bt voyager and you are alright to use the netgear modem/router.

  aly-lfc 21:51 14 Dec 2009

Oh good, will try out the netgear modem - although true to form since posting my query the connection has not cut out!

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