Internet Connection - Help Required

  Merlin0-0 12:30 07 Feb 2008


First time poster, hope someone can help.

I have just bought a laptop and I am trying to find out if I can set up a new account with an ISP (wireless also an option). My brother and sister currently use the phone line for internet connection, one using the USB and the other using the ethernet connected to the router.

Being only 1 phone line am I able to connect to this as well with my Laptop or is the only way another phoneline being installed?

Kind regards


  johnnyrocker 12:34 07 Feb 2008

you should be able to use either option, but sharing their phone would be cheaper,


  Merlin0-0 12:43 07 Feb 2008

Thanks Johnny

Not the best with computers to be honest.

Does that mean all I need to do is get the adaptor that allows 2 internet lines into the same phone line?



  oldbeefer2 12:49 07 Feb 2008

Merlin - you can piggy-back off their internet connection, but you can't have two ISPs supply internet through one line. You would therefore be using their bandwidth and, if both on line at the same time, speed will be reduced.

  palinka 13:35 07 Feb 2008

I think you could connect to their router and share their connection that way - but you'd have to use their connection as another "address" on their acount. Like this : if say, they use Virgin as their ISP and have their accounts/addresses as [email protected]in. etc, etc; and [email protected]in. etc; then you could be [email protected].

That's how I believe it would work; but I'm no expert and could be totally wrong.
It will also depend on how many email addresses their ISP allows. Many allow 5, but some are fewer.
But that way it won't cost YOU anything - though no doubt you'll be willing to share the cost of their connection!

Otherwise you could use a dial-up connection, using the same phone line, but that will cost you every call you make to connect. You could use a two-way phone socket for that (similar principle to an adapter that allows 2 or 3 3pin plugs into one electrical socket).

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