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  hellsbells1 21:23 05 Apr 2007

Hi, there please can someone help me.

My parents have recently bought these new corldless phones, and ever since i havent been able to connect to the internet properly.My adsl modem is ok and my phone line has been checked . Also my line filters are brand new.But every time i connect to the Internet, there is disturbance on incoming and outgoing calls.As the cordless phones are new, my parents wont change them in the near future. Please can anyone help me or advise me on what to do, will i need to change to a different IP.

  Dipso 21:48 05 Apr 2007

Is the phone's base station located near your modem? Do you connect through the same socket?

What brand of filters do you have?

  realist 22:38 05 Apr 2007

I have a couple of new/unused spare BT branded filters you're welcome to try them if you wish, send me your address via the yellow envelope and I'll put them in the post.

  Technotiger 22:43 05 Apr 2007

Hi, the phones should not normally cause interference, as long as you make sure that you have MicroFilters sometimes called Splitters on each and every phone in the house.

  LAP 12:46 06 Apr 2007

How many cordless & others phones are connected, might too many. Can't remember the number, but disconnect all but one then try to connect internet again. Worth a try.

  hellsbells1 14:58 06 Apr 2007

Hi i have 3 cordless phones.Ive tried taking them out and plugging them back in, but i still get that crackling noise on my phone line when i try to connect to the internet. It sounds like a fax dial on the other end but it isnt. Please Help.

  Technotiger 15:02 06 Apr 2007

Does each and every phone have its own filter?

  Technotiger 15:06 06 Apr 2007
  LAP 15:39 06 Apr 2007

If your getting a fax dial sound is it possible that your connection is trying 'dial up'. Just in case your settings have altered, check Internet Options/Connections and make sure 'Never dial a connection' is ticked.

  hellsbells1 20:38 08 Apr 2007

Hi the settings haven t changed they are ok.Someone told me i might need a hub .it might help.

  woodchip 20:43 08 Apr 2007

Remove one phone at a time and try

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