Internet connection fails after period of time

  Sethhaniel 10:48 25 Oct 2004

Friends computer - 450mhz windows 98se 156mb ram 40gig HD etc- on btopenworld through 56k modem
(no broadband available yet as in small scottish village) modem Dials up then outlook needs second send/recieve as first scan comes up cannot find server etc - second time goes through finds all and downloads sends etc - Internet explorer will then work but after about an hour (sometimes more sometimes less) the connection is lost -
both outlook & internet - but still shows as being connected and running - there is no way a the internet or outlook can be re-established except with a total reboot of PC. Then it will maybe go for half hour and same will happen again.
Any thoughts ;)

  Graham ® 10:50 25 Oct 2004

First thought - overheating?

  Sethhaniel 11:11 25 Oct 2004

No - rest of computer fine all other programs run fine - just the internet connection fails

  961 11:48 25 Oct 2004

You should be able to access the dial up log via control panel from which you may be able to establish if the disconnection comes from your end or the ISP end, and what happens immediately before disconnection

All sorts of things can cause this such as poor BT line, interference on wiring within house, internet settings, corrupted software, overheating of a component, dry joint and so on

Do you use more than one ISP and does the problem occur with all. Which ISP do you use

Have you installed more software recently

Do you use a simple virus checker or one of these all embracing jobs

  Sethhaniel 13:20 25 Oct 2004

and time ever increasing on it - but outlook just comes up with cant find server as doest internet explorer - so don't know if connection lost as such? Problem has beeen there for year - but is only on monthly visits I get to use computer - (owner is not computer oriented) have put all windows 98 se updates on - scanned with norton utilities - ccleaner etc,. has zonealarm & spybot S&D - nothing in the startup to interfere and nothing else running except rnaap ?? AVG6 for virus

  Graham ® 13:30 25 Oct 2004

I think you need to repair Internet Explorer. Assuming version 5 click here

  curlylad 13:46 25 Oct 2004

Just one idea , try a TCP repair utility

click here scroll down to and click on LSPFix.exe


click here

Hope this helps.

  Sethhaniel 14:19 25 Oct 2004

Probably not justy IE as Outlook goes off as well and sometimes IE hasn't been running -
CurlyLad - have downloaded your patches and will give those a bash - but as I said it wwill be in abotu three or four weeks time when I report back
Thanks ;)

  Graham ® 14:57 25 Oct 2004

I think Outlook is part of IE, I know Outlook Express is.

  Sethhaniel 14:59 25 Oct 2004

Well i'll give it a a bash if all else fails ;)

  Stuartli 15:45 25 Oct 2004

Outlook is part of Office.


Try IE's Tools>InternetOptions>highlight your ISP>Settings>Advanced button>ensure that both Advanced Dialup's lower panel Disconnect check boxes are unchecked.

You may have one or the other (or both) enabled.

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