Internet connection dropping (frequent and weird)

  Mezas 14:17 08 Jul 2018


I'm on Win10 connected to my local network by Wi-Fi.

Multiple times a day, and rather unpredictably, I suddenly can't load internet pages, videos stop loading, I get disconnected from online games, etc. for several minutes.

  • My ISP hardware doesn't show any loss of connectivity ; in fact I sometimes (but not always) can still navigate on my phone using the Wi-Fi ;
  • Power cycling my ISP hardware or computer during an event does not solve it ;
  • The network indicator on the right of my task bar tells me I'm connected to the internet ;
  • I once tried the ping and tracert commands on the sites that would not load while it was occurring and they resolved with no problem ;
  • I tried updating and reinstalling drivers ;
  • Sometimes, deconnecting and reconnecting immediately to the network will grant me a few seconds where pages load before going back to the problematic state.

Thanks for reading this far into my spooky problem. Don't hesitate to suggest your ideas to solve it, that'd be much appreciated !

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