internet connection dropping

  terryf 21:56 13 Dec 2006

winxp, DG834 router to broadband. Connection keeps dropping for no apparent reason. Does anyone know the routine for completely removing the network connection so that I can try re-installing. I have tried a disable and a network repair also just installing a network again but it doesn't cure the problem so I thought I would try to clean up by un-installing and starting over. I don't think it is the router because another pc connected to it doesn't drop.

  Ashrich 23:14 13 Dec 2006

DG834 , this is cable connection only , is that right ? If you are connecting via a laptop for the faulty connection have a look at the network card's properties and make sure in the power management section that says " Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power " is un-ticked , actually have a look even if it is a desktop PC ...


  terryf 00:42 14 Dec 2006

Thanks Ashrich, Cable connection - yes, looked at network card and unticked the 'save power', will wait and see if that is the required fixit

  oldbeefer2 12:41 14 Dec 2006


  terryf 14:02 14 Dec 2006

No that didn't work, any other suggestions please

  Ashrich 22:51 14 Dec 2006

Try this click here works for things of this nature , it will rebuild your TCP/IP stack .


  terryf 23:24 14 Dec 2006

New light has appeared, as an experiment, I switched on another PC that was connected through the same DG834 router to the internet and left OE looking for new mail every 10 minutes. This led to the same result as with the other PC, it had gone off-line. I have tried un-powering the router. I do have my router settings saved. I will try taking out power plug and waiting 5 mins unless anyone has any other suggestions. Router was bought in 11/05.

  Ashrich 00:22 15 Dec 2006

Make a note of all the settings and return the router to it's original state by resetting it via the little reset hole on the back of the router . With it plugged in push something like the end of a paper clip into the hole and hold in for about 20 to 30 seconds until the router goes through a self test and re-synchs with the exchange , re-enter all your ISP settings and try connecting again .


  terryf 10:55 15 Dec 2006

Thanks Ashrich, I thought of doing that but it is such a pain, still what needs to be done has to be done. Will advise results after a day or so.

  terryf 23:49 15 Dec 2006

Bit the bullet and reset router, not such a pain to set up as I had feared due to copious notes, now have to wait and see if 'going off line ' problem recurs. Will advise.

  Dipso 00:11 16 Dec 2006


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