Internet connection drop out

  Boy Zone 21:24 20 Oct 2003

I have both BT and AOL on my PC. If I use either to gain access onto the net, after a few minutes the connection drops out, for no apparent reason.
I use home edition XP.
Any ideas?

  douglegs 21:40 20 Oct 2003

-Does it happen to drop out after checking your e-mails with outlook? You may have accidently checked the "disconnect after checking" button,

-Is your line a BT line or another operator? If it is BT, is it fed overhead from a pole, or underground?

-Do you have call waiting on your line? Do you use the line solely for the computer?

I will respond with advice on these points if any are relevent!


  Boy Zone 22:21 20 Oct 2003

Hi Paul,
I use BT. It does not matter if I'm checking my Email or on the net, it just drops out after a few mins.

I have checked all boxes and its only happened since Saturday

for your help

  douglegs 23:03 20 Oct 2003

You did not comment whether your BT line was fed overhead from a pole or not. I am a BT engineer so am able to offer advice on possible problems you may encounter and offer solutions etc.

If it is happening on 2 seperate PC's and using 2 seperate ISP's it sounds like it could be a line fault. Be careful not to call BT out without doing some basic checks first- if nothing can be proved to be wrong with the BT line you would incur a visit charge.

What area of the country do you live in?

  Boy Zone 20:53 21 Oct 2003

I am sorry to push this thread again but,

Having now contacted BT to check my line, they inform me they will alter the gain, to help!
What I have now done is to change my modem over to an external 56 k type. Both my modems are 56k but my external one sends at a rate 49333 where as my internal only works at 31200. Is this normal, and could this be the problem, that my internal modem is more effected by a poor transmission line, and hence drops out more?

  [email protected] 21:46 21 Oct 2003

A friend of mine had the same problem. He used AOL. I discovered somewhere in the AOL Tools/ Properties or Help (sorry not to be more specific but it was just 30mins at his place ), a problems Q&A. Under "connection dropping out" was the question "have you fitted new equip lately on the same line IE Fax or anything". In my friends case he had done just that, a Fax. It would appear extra "noise" or some sort of interaction can cause the connection to drop out as you describe. After disconnecting the new Fax, which was in another room but sharing the same telephone line, the PC remained connected. This solved the PC connection problem but now raised the lack of a new Fax problem. It would appear a new modern Modem for the PC has now cured both problems. He too had the telecomms people checking everywhere for "noise" but they would only come to the nearest pole to his house. After that he had to pay.....

  douglegs 20:01 26 Oct 2003

Let me know how you get on Boy Zone with the things you have tried. The gain adjustment might help, but might not.

If it does not work I think it could be a line fault that can not be detected by BT's remote line testing system. Get back to me if you have any problems and I will advise from there.

  graham√ 20:22 26 Oct 2003

I trust you will not be testing the line yourself on CSS? Don't forget they can be traced. :-)

  graham√ 20:32 26 Oct 2003

One easy thing you could do, search on the PC for Global.Org files. Delete them all and empty the re-cycle bin. These are old AOL files which may be called in error.

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