internet connection disconnects after 5-10min

  cherrydee 17:12 31 Jul 2013

Hi guys. I have problem with my internet connection. I never had problem with it until last month my internet icon shows an x sign. I'm sure the problem is not with my modem/ISP/switch/cable since my younger brother doesn't have any problem with his laptop. I tried to reinstall my driver but going to asus m2n mx-se support page there is no driver for win7. So i just downloaded the Xp one and installed it on my desktop but it gives me error saying incompatible. So i went to the app's properties and ticked the compatible with winxp sp3. I tried installing again and it was successful, though after restarting i can't see my network adapter from device manager. I tried resetting several times and what happens is, sometimes the network driver is visible in device manager and sometimes not.

OK so, i bought a USB LAN and installed it on my PC thinking my mobo's LAN card is dead. The first day is really fine. I celebrated and played all day long. But the following day after i turned on my PC, i lost my connection after 5min or so. The icon now gives ! mark. Resetting doesn't help. What i have to do is turn off all devices including modem and turn it on after 2hrs or so and i'll get another 5min worth of internet connection. LOL. I am sure DHCP, DNS, TCPIP, and Winhttp services are auto and running. I also set my ipv4 and ipv6 to automatically obtain DNS and IP since my ISP is dynamic.

Please help me. I'm on the edge of my sanity here. Right now i am thinking of 2 things. First, fresh install winxp and hope to get my connection back (my mobo might only support winxp for drivers) but the downside is, if it fails, i will have to waste hours of downloading my programs since i don't have any external to back these up. Also i am a beginner programmer and i have my precious works in my PC that are already set up. Second, wait till sept to buy a new MOBO though i am already using USB LAN and i still get problem and usb port is 100% fine. Downside, need to wait till september to get those money.

my spec: win7 ultimate amd athlon x2 64 2,4ghz 2gb ram ASUS M2N MXSE (very poor mobo QQ) ATI Radeon 4650 1GB

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