internet connection dies on me

  squaredolph 20:34 07 Jun 2003

Dont know where tostart so any ideas welcom. Can conect mostly but connection just stops and page cannot be displayed comes up? Just seems to cut out and often have trouble getting on use BT as ISP!!

  polymath 20:47 07 Jun 2003

Just getting this into My Postings to find it, as I'm having similar problems sporadically lately. My error messages vary - Unable to establish connection/no answer/line busy. Then mysteriously OK. Maybe the problem's somewhere else, and I don't need to correct anything (except impatience)?
I'm on pay-as-you-go dialup with Eircom (Ireland's equivalent of BT).

What sometimes seems to work with me is changing some ISP setting, changing it back again & resetting. But maybe it's just the lapse of time that does it!

  Andybear 21:13 07 Jun 2003

I'm on Virgin pay-as-you-go dial up and frequently have the same problems, plus disconnections also. I've done everything Virgin have suggested and it makes no difference. I've now given up and am switching to NTL broadband next week.

  Kitz E Kat 22:27 07 Jun 2003

I Have to say im on Eircom and have or never had any trouble in connecting, or staying connected.

Im running XP,and do remember having some minor messing with 98.But since i changed to XP no trouble.

Sorry i can't be of any help Squaredolph

  Andybear 12:31 08 Jun 2003

With me it was the other way round. My old PC had 95 on it and I never had any problems. I bought a new PC in January which had XP on it. I decided to keep my existing Virgin account and have had loads of problems. After several phone calls and email exchanges, Virgin said it was probably down to XP and that I'd be better with an older version of Windows! The ironic thing is, Virgin access was pre-installed on my new PC! (I bought it from Mesh - I notice they now have Tiscali and not Virgin - wonder why!)

Squaredolph - sorry, none of this is helping you, but at least you know you're not alone. Unfortunately these sorts of problems seem to be fairly typical of dial-up accounts. I know a lot of people who have switched to broadband because they're so fed up. I hope I have better luck when I switch!

  polymath 21:20 08 Jun 2003

Maybe it is something in Win 98, Kitz E Kat - that's what I have (SE). (Unless it's just bad luck with phone lines).

I couldn't connect at first tonight, then changed a setting, changed it back, reset and it worked (again). Maybe that points to some setting I've got wrong (or that's got corrupted all by itself -I've had that before).

Broadband? Some chance, here in west Donegal! And it costs an arm and a leg in Ireland anyway (why doesn't that surprise me?)

  polymath 20:56 17 Jun 2003

Well, squaredolph, my connection's mysteriously been fine tonight, but as I don't know why, that's not much help!

The only new thing I tried just before the problem disappeared was, (in Win setup in add/remove programs), enabling Hyper Terminal, as its description looked hopeful. The only other things I now have enabled there are Dial-up Networking & Phone dialler.

That wouldn't explain why the problem's been coming & going, though!

  mammak 21:49 17 Jun 2003

We dont have the joy off broad band in our aera, but have been on and off bt like a yo,yo it,s an awful dail up , been with freeserve from no tie,s too anytime no prob,s at all i dail up in 30-40 second,s with freeserve anytime, mabye it,s just an aera thing, you know Joe Bloggs down the road dails up in second,s i am round the corner but takes me an age, i live in a small town probably 1and half mile long my sister is a stone,s through about 5 min,s as a prob with Aol my other sister about 10 mins walk " mad as a fish" no prob,s my brother mins away BT no probs ,???? work it out

  GYPSY 22:34 17 Jun 2003

squaredolph, you don't say if this is a new problem or it has always been so. What is your connection speed, if poss it wants to be at least 45000bps. Bad connections on your phone line may also be a problem, worth a check. If your conn' speed is lower than say 40000bps you can phone up bt engineers (it used to be 151 i think) and ask for the "GAIN" to be turned up.
Hope this is of some help.

  eccomputers 22:55 17 Jun 2003

BT have been very busy changing the software in all their exchanges. This had a terrible effect on customers and for a while now lots of hiccups have been occuring. It should now be running ok but who knows what problems are next. This problem effected bt broadband and dial up.

  Happy1 23:14 17 Jun 2003

Yes I had on and off problems last week. I am with BT surftime. The most peculiar thing which happened to me last week when it didnt connect first time was I could actually hear my laptop speak saying we cannot connect you please try again later. Weird. Just like the message you get on BT Telephone Line.

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