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  SallyC 09:50 13 Apr 2010

I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop (Windows XP home edition) & recently changed my broadband provider. When I tried to go on-line (ethernet connection) I got the IP 169. error message. I contacted the provider & we tried a couple of things, but they finally said that as the modem was working fine with our other laptop they couldn't help any further as it was a problem with the laptop, not the connection.
After spending some time working on the problem with a couple of friends who know quite a lot - we got a connection by manually inputting the IP & DNS addresses. But I logged on this morning & it's gone again. I checked the internet protocol & that's still reading OK. I've tried switching the modem off & on, rebooting the laptop, running cc cleaner, running the spyware scan, and going through the windows network repair but nothing. Network repair said that it was not picking up a dialing tone, but the second laptop is picking up the connection automatically.
Can anyone help?
And can anyone explain (simply please!) why one laptop can detect the IP address when the other can't.
Any help would be much appreciated

  mgmcc 11:47 13 Apr 2010

>>> Network repair said that it was not picking up a dialing tone

As an ethernet connection to a router doesn't involve dialling, it sounds as though you may still have software installed for connecting with a USB ADSL Modem. If so, this could be causing a conflict and the software needs to be uninstalled.

Also, in "Control Panel > Internet Options", click the Connections tab and ensure that "Never dial a connection" is selected.

  SallyC 13:26 13 Apr 2010

mgmcc - never dial an internet connection is selected.
Can you tell me what software I am looking for to uninstall a USB ADSL Modem. I have checked through software installed & can't see anything that specifically refers to the above

  SallyC 13:36 13 Apr 2010

I've managed to get it back on line - spent 1/2 an hour with the ISP helpdesk, but laptop stubbornly reported couldn't see the internet connection via ethernet cable. He talked me through resetting getting the IP address automatically but still nothing.
Went back to IP protocol myself, set the radio button to manual on IP & DNS, put in the paths & it worked - even though that was how it had been for most of the morning.
So back to my original question - can anyone suggest why it is not picking up the IP address automatically. Why is it working OK on manual and then not? Would a professional pc repair person be able to sort it out so that it automatically finds a new IP address?
Sorry for so many questions but have been battling with this for over a week now.
Many thanks

  SallyC 13:50 13 Apr 2010

mgmcc - I've found something called Netwaiting (an icon on bottom right of screen) and modem helper in programs. It's part of windows xp - might this be what's causing the problems?

  mgmcc 17:54 13 Apr 2010

If software was installed for a USB ADSL Modem, there would be a "dialup" entry in the Network Connections folder. If such an entry does exist, right click it and select Delete.

If the PC isn't getting its IP address automatically by DHCP from the router, check that the DHCP Client Service is running. Go to "Start > Run", type SERVICES.MSC and click OK. Double click the entry for "DHCP Client" to open its Properties sheet and check that the service is "Started" and that its Startup Type is "Automatic".

As you're configuring the IP and DNS addressing manually, you must know what you're doing, so I can't offer an explanation as to why the PC is losing connectivity. However, try repairing the TCP/IP Stack and Winsock to see if that helps.

Open a Command Prompt window ("Start > Run", type CMD and click OK).

To repair the TCP/IP stack, at the prompt, type...

netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

...and press Enter

(note the spaces in the command line). The original prompt will reappear, exit the Command Prompt window and reboot the PC.

To reset Winsock entries, at the prompt, type...

netsh winsock reset catalog

...and press Enter

Exit the Command Prompt window and reboot the PC. (If running both repairs, reboot only after running the second command.)

  SallyC 12:04 14 Apr 2010

Thanks mgmcc - I ran both, rebooted & lost the internet connection. Definately something up with the automatic IP address software. I re-inputted the IP etc address manually & it got connectivity. Dell have suggested putting off a total re-install of the system until I get the wireless router I've ordered from my ISP - can't get the Belkin to work!
Is there anything else you can suggest I try to avoid a total re-install?

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