Internet Connection

  jim63 16:32 23 Aug 2007

I am with Virgin BB. There are times when I cannot connect to internet. If I switch off pc and restart immediately I get a connection.
Is there a problem with harddrive or what.
Iuse win xp

  handy4x 16:43 23 Aug 2007

could be your firewall but need more details

  birdface 16:45 23 Aug 2007

Try just switching your Modem of for 20 seconds turn it back on and wait for two minutes before you commence.Or try Control Panel, Administration Tools. Scroll down to DNS Client and set it to automatic..Or control panel.Network connections. right click Local area connection and press repair, See if any problems appear.Or speed test, This will start as soon as you open it, click here

  birdface 16:46 23 Aug 2007

Sorry when you open administration tools. click on services.Then DNS Client.

  jim63 17:02 23 Aug 2007

DNS Client is already on automatic. No repair available

  umbongo(uk) 17:12 23 Aug 2007

jim have you just joined them or are you an existing user
i say this because it will settle down after the 10 days it test,s your line

which is why you may have to disconnect and re connect

if not then do a repair

to repair * = left click

1 * start
2 go to settings tab
3 * network connections
4 right click your connection
5 * repair

  birdface 17:12 23 Aug 2007

Sorry It may be different on yours I have XP Home Edition and thats how repair works for that.Was the speed test correct or did it not work.

  jim63 20:41 23 Aug 2007

Have done speed test,this is what it shows:
2773.3 kbps - connection 4mb

  birdface 10:32 24 Aug 2007

Connection a bit slow for 4mb you would expect about 3555kbps at least but its not to bad.You are not connected through a Router are you. Like handy4x said it could be your Firewall,What one do you use.

  jim63 14:38 24 Aug 2007

Not connected through a router just the Sagem 800 E3. Laptop is Speedtouch 330
Don't know what Firewall it is.

  birdface 08:19 26 Aug 2007

Try Control Panel.Internet Options.Connections, Lan Settings.And tick Automatically Detect Settings. Ok, Apply, Ok. see if that helps.

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