internet connection

  moorie 19:30 20 Jun 2006

hi have a network set up 2 pcs 2 laptops,3 fine but one laptop is connected good signal strength 54mpbs but when going into internet explorer no internet connection any ideas?

  ade.h 20:23 20 Jun 2006

Not configured your client firewall, perhaps?

Not actually connected, just aware of the signal?

  sweetscotsbabe 20:43 20 Jun 2006

Hi, I'm having the same problem. I've set up the network connection which works fine but we can't get the second computer to connect to the internet. How do I configure the client computer....and what is the client computer?

  ade.h 20:58 20 Jun 2006

As the Forum Guidelines say, please do not hijack a thread, even with a similar problem. I will, for now, answer your queries as they may benefit moorie as well.

Client: A PC or other networkable computing device that is linked - either by Ethernet or by wifi - to a router-based or hub-based network infrastructure. (Alt.) A PC that takes an internet connection directly from another PC, which is acting as a host or gateway.

In all network enviroments - either infrastructure or peer-to-peer/ad-hoc - the client firewalls (or software firewalls) must be correctly configured to allow communications through the LAN (Local Area Network) adapters. This is done by creating the appropriate permissions for each client and its adapter, based on an IP address range, to allow whatever type of communications - such as file sharing and internet provision - that you require.

  moorie 22:19 20 Jun 2006

ade,you seem to know ur stuff but sorry just watched the game a ittle worse for the ware ,no firewalls that i know of so nice and easy ade step by step

  ade.h 23:08 20 Jun 2006

If you have no firewalls that you know of, then you are 99% certain to have firewalls!

Sounds odd? Not at all; if you don't have a 3rd-party software firewall, XP (particularly with SP2) is all to keen to hold on to the Windows ICF (Internet Connection Firewall. Which is the worst piece of pap that MS has dreamed up in quite a while. Inbound protection only, can cause issues with networking and file sharing (ironic, that one) and even switches itself on occasionally when you set up or change a network! My preferred firewall actually switches ICF off when you install it and keeps it off (thankfully).

Enter the Control Panel, open the Security Centre or Windows Firewall and see whether it's on or not.

  moorie 08:16 21 Jun 2006

thanks for reply ade no firewall but as it happens the laptop was connected in terms of speed and signal strength but not using wep key entered this and voila
thanks again

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