internet connection for 2 login users problem

  morris948 10:35 27 Feb 2005

i recently installed Win xp pro on a friends pc with 2 logon names. The bt internet connection was added and works fine, but when his son logs in under his name, the internet connects but bt yahoo window opens with a message that says 'there is a problem with the connection please enter the primary email address'.

I tried using the existing primary email address that was setup on his dads email but the message says 'sorry, there is no problem with this login name'??

how do i get the sons login name to access the internet even though the connection is working.

  ACOLYTE 11:10 27 Feb 2005

Im not sure but i think he needs to set the accsess for his son from the BT page this should allow him to surf,but i think this is only needed if there are parental controlls added when you set up the connection.Also he could try connecting with IE not the BT Yahoo browser it should connect without the message if BT is set as default dial up.

  morris948 11:41 27 Feb 2005

i tried using IE to connect, what happens is that the dial up box appears, i then press dial and it connects to the internet and the bt yahoo page comes up with the connection problem message, itried typing in something else like click here but it just reverts back to the bt home page.
when i switch users to his dads login it all work perfectly well, so there must be something in setup i havent done yet, any advice??

  ACOLYTE 11:49 27 Feb 2005

what box comes up? is it the one with the BT user names on? or just the box with 038 number in the bottom?,have you tried setting the home page in IE to somthing other than BT?,try clicking on the IE short cut with say google as the home page it should then dial and open google
without going to BT page.

  morris948 13:44 27 Feb 2005

thats an intresting point about the box, there is info where you can select how to connect to the internet, such as 'me only' or 'anyone who uses this connection', do both have to be set the same in each login? does anyone know how you are supposed to set these up, because i never seem to find any instruction as to these settings in help.

And in each users login screen the dial up box has the same email and password already filled in.

both users are administrator.

  ACOLYTE 13:59 27 Feb 2005

On my set up there is only me with an acount as admin,so when i dial i dont get the BT user name box unless i click the BTyahoo shortcut,if i goto
start/connect to and select BT then i get the box with the 038 number and click dial it doesnt open the BTyahoo page just connects,if i press the IE shortcut IE opens and it dials for me without prompting and goes to my default home page.So i cant see why the Bt browser would open when you connect unless you are using the BT login connection,have you made IE your default browser as the BT one may have changed this.What you may need to do is set up an account on the BT page"My Account"part so dad can add the son to use the connection,he should then get his own password and email address.But as i said this shouldnt matter unless you installed the parental control part of the setup. HTH

  morris948 15:12 27 Feb 2005

i will get some details when i next visit, but the connection is a dial up 56k modem not broadband (which is an 038 number)
When you click any web page saved in favourites w ith no active connection, the dial up prompt box appears as it should, click 'dial'and it connects at 44k bytes per second, then the web page seems to switch itself automatically to btyahoo where it mentions the connection problem.
If you try and enter any other web address in the search bar it justs goes to the bt site again, but only in the son's login, if you switch users to the dad's login it all works fine.

No parental setups are active its just default settings, thats the mystery.

i setup the internet connection on dad's login only, but i don't know if it automatically applies the same settings to any other login users, i can't seem to find any help on this subject where you have multiple users setup on XP

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