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  Bald Eagle 19:54 03 Dec 2003

My and my son's computers run on a common telephone line to the internet. Just set his up to connect to same ISP as mine using the same info on both dialup connections. Mine works fine but even though I save the password on his, when he logs off and on again the password has been changed. We have unchecked the "save password" bit and enter it manually and it then connects OK. Also, sometimes when he clicks on the internet icon the home page appears but the connection applet does not appear. On looking under File on the home page the Work offline is ticked even though we haven't done it. Any suggestions?

  Bald Eagle 19:56 03 Dec 2003

Sorry! Both running XP, but mine is a newer version.

  Bald Eagle 23:02 03 Dec 2003


  Bald Eagle 08:04 04 Dec 2003

Bump, I'll give it a bit longer.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:13 04 Dec 2003

When you say that the password has changed, do you mean that the number of black dots hiding it has increased? If so, that is a standard windows security feature.

I don't use XP so am unsure of what is happening...

  Bald Eagle 08:26 04 Dec 2003

Yes the number increases (we know it is a security method) but it still won't accept the password , it says it is invalid. We uncheck the "save password" retype it and everything works until the next time!

  [DELETED] 18:19 04 Dec 2003

check in your internet options in control panel. go to connections / properties and see what the password is and change it to the required one and try dialing again. At work at moment and have limited access to control panel. will try and get back when at home.

  Bald Eagle 18:33 04 Dec 2003

brittas did as you say but password blanked out by random number of blobs. However, will delete and re enter

  Bald Eagle 08:06 05 Dec 2003

Deleted the internet account and re loaded using the internet wizard. All now OK. Thanks for the help and suggestions.


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