"Internet Cleanup" constantly causing crashes.

  User-7D81E09D-5B55-4DC8-BDBF945FA996EEA7 20:27 02 Jul 2003

Having had a total hard drive failure I am now loading my new drive with my old programs. Internet Cleanup (I've tried versions 1.02 and 3.00) causes Norton Crashguard to come up with the message ; Internet Cleanup 1.02 attempted to save index.dat . Safe Original detected an attempt to write to "index.dat" and will save a copy of it without the most recent changes.
Can anyone tell me what it means and (in simple terms if possible)how do I sort the problem out. Thanks.

  johnem 21:20 02 Jul 2003


Not sure but sound like you have traces of both installs left on system.

Try unistalling 'Internet Cleanup' and you could obtain jv16 to help clean up your registry files from click here
Always follow tghe precaution of backing up your registry files before attempting to edit.

It may seem a bit scary cos it is!!
Just take your time and hopefully this could help you.

Thanks Johnem but I didn't have the bottle to do as you said. The problem has largely gone away and is only a slight irritation now. Thanks again.

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