internet cache

  djp51 20:34 24 Apr 2004

i,v 23.12 mb of temporary internet files at the moment.i use disk cleanup every other day or so.this seems a large amount,or is it ?.can the file/folder be limited in size and am i right in thinking things get sluggish at times because of this cache.

  johnnyrocker 20:38 24 Apr 2004

yes you are quite right sluggish performance can be due to excess temp internet files.


  Legolas 20:41 24 Apr 2004

23MB is not a large amount to be in your IE cache but if you want to limit the amount open IE and go to tools/internet options/settings and move the slider to increase/decrease the amount of cache

If you make the cache to small it will slow up your browsing as the cache stores web pages already visited so if you are returing to stored page you can access it much quicker because you do not need to download the whole page again just any changes on the page.

  GaT7 20:51 24 Apr 2004

More is better than less unless you have limited disk space or if you're on broadband in which case Microsoft recommends limiting IE cache to 80Mb.

Source: click here

"Reduce the time you spend online by accelerating Internet Explorer 6...

The size of your browser cache affects your browsing speed. If you have a dial-up connection, you gain faster performance if most of your pages load from cache, in which case a larger folder is advisable.

If you have a broadband connection, a huge collection of offline files can slow your browsing down, as Internet Explorer searches the cache for an offline version of the file. Restrict your cache size to around 80Mb for faster browsing."

Also look at this: click here.

I have set a 200Mb cache on my PC (Win98se/40Gb hard disk) & it works for me (no sluggishness or slow down), with 90Mb IE cache files (at the moment). I only ever clear my cache if I experience problems accessing some sites or when taking a Ghost backup image.

  djp51 22:01 24 Apr 2004

as usual great help and education in computers is getting to a high level.many sincere thanks.

  Paperback Writer 23:26 24 Apr 2004

On Broadband, I don't bother using the cache at all.

  VoG II 23:28 24 Apr 2004

Yep, on BB too - set it at 3 MB.

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