internet banking when abroad??

  littlestan 12:07 23 Mar 2009

hi everyone - might seem a very stupid question and probably is, but i am going to australia in April and will need to do some internet banking when my pay comes through etc. Is it the same as logging on here and away you go???

many thanks LS

  Pine Man 13:07 23 Mar 2009

Depends a lot on your bank.

My bank expects me to log on from my own computer, which it recognises. If I were to use another one I suspect I might be prompted for additional info.

Why don't you ask your bank?

  Clapton is God 13:08 23 Mar 2009

"Is it the same as logging on here"

Yes. But don't forget that, because you're in Australia, everything will be upside down. ;-))

  tullie 13:41 23 Mar 2009

Its the same website.

  anchor 14:46 23 Mar 2009

I am sure you would be asked the usual range of security questions, as you are when connecting from home. This should be sufficient.

  iscanut 15:42 23 Mar 2009

I use Lloyds tsb internet banking and have logged on abroad on many occasions ( Peru, Chile, Argentina, S. Africa..)...its the same web site at tullie says.

  Noldi 16:17 23 Mar 2009

I use internet banking to access my Abbey account from abroad no problem. The only issue I have is transferring money out of England but whether that is Abbey related I don’t know.

With my Swiss bank (ZKB) it’s a lot easier I must admit and I feel it’s more secure.


  littlestan 16:29 23 Mar 2009

thanks everyone - i bank with natwest - i know hsbc are ok but hopefully natwest will be too - but will ask. if anyone has done it with natwest from far flung places, then would like to know.


  Clapton is God 16:40 23 Mar 2009

I've "done it" with NatWest from abroad and it's OK.

To be on the safe side, though, don't forget to take their stupid card reader (and card) with you.

  littlestan 17:21 23 Mar 2009

stupid card reader is dead right for natwest. I keep putting off using the blasted thing as it confuses me completely!

thanks for all your help

  Forum Editor 17:45 23 Mar 2009

why you should have any problem. The internet is the internet, regardless of your location, and that's what internet banking is for.

I travel a fair bit on business, and one of my destinations is Australia; I've never had any problem using my online banking service.

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