Internet addresses blocked by pop up

  French Chemist 09:36 20 Aug 2004

I have received some e mails from a friend about the problem below, any advice please. Sorry do not have her operating system to hand. I do know that she is running Norton. Perhaps a few questions I could ask her then come back here?

I am having a problem with an annoying internet address that pops up at random and sometimes attaches itself to the front of the address I'm trying to access. I've taken advice which was to check my firewall by using microsoft .com/protection, but the problem site won't let me get into it because it pops up at random before I can do the automatic check offered. The problem address is nkvd/us.
I already have anti virus and spyware blockers neither of which detects this wretched site. I also have a firewall which is activated on both emails and internet. I thought I'd got rid of it, but then it's started up again, although this time it hasn't attached itself to anything else, just flashes up when I try to do something like download the microsoft firewall, and occasionally for no apparent reason at all.

  French Chemist 09:49 20 Aug 2004

My friend is running Windows XP Home Edition. She has tried turning off system restore to no avail.


  Belatucadrus 10:02 20 Aug 2004

It's a browser hijacker click here try Spybot S & D click here and AdAware SE click here

  Nellie2 13:07 20 Aug 2004

nkvd/us is a variant of coolweb, to remove this you need to download and run Coolweb Shredder.

click here for download. When finished run spybot and adaware to clean up any bits left over.

  French Chemist 14:23 20 Aug 2004

Nellie2 your link leads to a site only. Not the page you want me to get. How do I find a download for Coolweb Shredder on this site? Have tried but get bogged down.


  VoG II 15:21 20 Aug 2004
  Nellie2 20:38 20 Aug 2004

French Chemist, I apologise for the link, SWI have been moving things about and that is where it was this afternoon.

  French Chemist 08:45 21 Aug 2004

Firstly, apologies for my lack of replies. The internet in the middle of nowhere here in Brittany has been slow, like wading through treacle so I gave up yesterday. Getting timeouts left, right and centre. Will be going to see Mo this pm armed with this advice. There will probably be a delay until tomorrow until I can reply.


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