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  Technonot 21:24 02 Jul 2003

I currently have a broadband internet account(installed yesterday), as a backup I have a dial up internet account, whilst testing the dial up account I noticed the telephone number being dialled was the correct number but was prefixed by 1470, is this something to do with my recently installed broadband ?(my original dial up account did not dial 1470).

  LAP 21:31 02 Jul 2003

I have been with Bt openworld for yonks on a dial up account and mine starts with 1470,, ..Lap..

  Technonot 21:35 02 Jul 2003

Both of my new accounts are with BT Openworld(as was my original dial up account).

  jnevill 10:25 03 Jul 2003

I don't know about broadband but I have Virgin's 24seven service and the prefix 1470 has to be entered in the dialup if you have call waiting activated on the phone line or if you are ex-directory or if you have a 'number witheld' facility (i.e. the person you call cannot get your number by dialling 1471). There's some more details on Virgin's page at click here

  Belatucadrus 10:38 03 Jul 2003

1470 is the caller line indentification prefix, click here for info.

  graham√ 10:42 03 Jul 2003

To be precise, 1470 will 'release' your number if it is normally witheld. Nothing to do with 'call waiting' or 'ex-directory'.

1470 is not needed if a) The number is not witheld or b) The number is witheld but your ISP does not need it.

Have a word with the BT helpdesk, they will clarify both points.

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