xptosmtbd 07:06 07 Sep 2003

Hi, I need to access the internet from a place where there isnt going to be a phone line. This is going to be permanent. I hear that there is a way of plugging a mobile into my tower and getting onto the internet that way....Can anyone help. I am running win. xp home...Thanks in advance....Sandra

  poogles_uk 07:42 07 Sep 2003

Satelite Broadband?

It would be slow with a Pc and mob, people usually use a mobile for a PDA.

  spruce 07:44 07 Sep 2003

how about satelite broadband internet connection.

there are loads of links on the net for it and I
think bt do it

  xptosmtbd 08:21 07 Sep 2003

Thank you for your fast and very useful information. I thought that the only way to do it was via a mobile?....but this seems not to be the case then ???....Sandra

  -pops- 08:23 07 Sep 2003

Internet on mobile = expensive!!!

  phoenix_one 09:22 07 Sep 2003

Wait until the Nat Grid supply us broadband

click here

click here

Whats next?

  Forum Editor 09:42 07 Sep 2003

most of the satellite systems that are marketed for the home user would be of no use at all in your case because they rely on a phone line for the upstream side of the connection.

What happens is that your downstream data comes straight off the satellite into your dish, and that's fine - you get a very fast download of both web pages and other data - but the upstream data has to go via your telephone line to a normal ISP analogue connection and then to a central satellite upload station, where it's sent in bulk to the satellite by your service provider. It works this way to prevent you, and tens of thousands like you, from uploading large quantities of data and soaking up the available bandwidth. Imagine what would happen if say, a thousand people decided to download some P2P file sharing software, and start transferring Gigabytes of MP3 music tracks on the upstream link - the satellite would soon run out of bandwidth.

The alternative is a business satellite connection that does work directly via the dish on both the upstream and downstream channels (although the upload is far slower than the download). No problems with phone lines then - just a massive hole in the bank balance. Typically, a business satellite service means an installation cost of around £1000 and a monthly rental of about £60. The whole of the UK currently has coverage for this service.

Using a mobile phone for access isn't a practical proposition because as poogles_uk pointed out, it's very slow, and consequently very expensive.

You don't say where you are going to be located, but if it's in another country, and in a very remote spot there's unlikely to be any mobile network coverage anyway. There may well be a geo-stationary satellite overhead, but it's not likely that there'll be a service provider. There are still very large areas of the globe where 'Internet' is just a word.

  xptosmtbd 16:37 08 Sep 2003

Thanks again for your answers, I didn't explain properly where I am moving to. I am moving into a Caravan/Holiday home, these places are not allowed phone lines because of the fact they are only meant for holidays and are not residential so to speak. anyway the fact is there are no phone lines and as I am a seller on E-Bay I will need my internet access to be able to carry on making a living, albeit a small one:-). Someone on the caravan site has told me that a laptop and mobile gives you access, I don't have a laptop but have a newish tower system so I didn't want to have to buy a laptop. Sorry for the bad terminology but I dont really understand computer speak too well, so you will have to go easy with me:-).....when you say that a mobile and internet access is expensive, do you know how expensive?.....Thanks in advance

  poogles_uk 07:54 09 Sep 2003

IF the laptop idea involves a pcmia (those cards in the side) you can buy a pci adapter for those for the pc.

  -pops- 08:12 09 Sep 2003

"a mobile and internet access is expensive"

Yes it is. Not so much as an extra expense on top of your normal mobile charges but the length of time one is on the Internet to permit anything useful to be achieved. Your uses, for example, would put the costs high.

  bfoc 08:29 09 Sep 2003

It is quite possible to get internet access with a mobile phone and a desktop computer providing:

1. That the mobile phone has a built in modem.
2. That you can 'link' the mobile and the desktop, so they can communicate by a suitable cable for instance.
3. That you ensure the mobile phone tariff you chose is not too costly for you.

A number of operators including o2 click here offer GPRS services, which is a faster and 'always on' service. As o2 says:

'General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is an 'always on', high-speed data service that operates alongside O2 UK's existing GSM network. It means you are charged per Megabyte (MB) of data, i.e. the amount of data you download irrespective of how long you are online.'

I would suggest that you go to a major mobile phone retailer (or two or three) and see if there is a phone which will allow you to connect to GPRS and to connect to your computer on a tariff you are happy with. Make sure they give you a full breakdown of all the costs and try to check, preferably before you buy, that the network you want has good reception at the caravan. If you can't do that make sure that you check out reception immediately you get the phone as most phones have a 'cooling off' period where you can return it for a full refund.

Enjoy living in the caravan, I hope it is somewhere nice!

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