Internet access :S

  Robotic_Rob 01:49 28 Dec 2007


Ive just bought a laptop for the first time. Tonight i tried connecting to the Internet through wifi. I tried it at mcdonalds because i know they give free wifi. I could connect to the router but i couldn't access the Internet. The signal was 1 or 2 out of 5 or 6 bars.

Could i not access the Internet because the signal quality was so poor or is it because they is a setting on my laptop stopping me? Or is it something completely different?

I haven't really played around with wifi before. Although i did set up my girlfriends Gran's wifi a few months ago.

Cheers for any help.

  [email protected] 09:42 28 Dec 2007

Probably just poor signal. I imagine public "hot spots" are not governed by configuration settings but you could ask the staff of MacD. If you have just bought the lappy then chances are it is Vista you have. Connected via WiFi is quite straightforward by just following the instructions.
My bet is poor signal and/or you need to know something from MacD.

  Dipso 10:18 28 Dec 2007

Try and find out where the router is located. Our local McD's has the router in the kiosk where they serve drive through customers (it's a Netgear, I can see it) so maybe if you move nearer to the router you may get a better signal. Not much point them providing free wifi if you can't access it is there??? I picked up a leaflet at our McD's the other day (can't find it now!) and I know you have to register some details before you gain access, presumably for security reasons.

FWIW I tested out my Centrino laptop in PC World car park and got a decent signal although this wasn't free and I had to get credit from BT Openzone first.

  Robotic_Rob 10:41 28 Dec 2007

I'm guessing its probably going to be the poor signal quality.

I tried googling my problem last night after i posted the question and i noticed the wifi name that McDonald's was providing. I clicked on it and i read to find out that you have to pay for it. Im sure i saw a sign somewhere saying free wifi, oh well. :(

Last night before i gave up trying to get on to the Internet using a wifi hotspot, i tried looking for an unsecured network and seeing if i could get on the Internet. And i had the same problem as i was to connect to 3. Where i could connect to the router but i couldnt connect to the internet. All of them had poor quality, 1 or 2 out of 5 or 6 bars.

Before you all get on my back for doing and talking about something illegal on this forum. I only wanted to see if could connect to the Internet. I didn't have any intention on actually using somebody else's Internet service without their permission.

  Robotic_Rob 15:21 29 Dec 2007

I think i was being a bit impatient. I was talking to a friend yesterday that has a laptop and we both went to a location i found the other night that had an unsecured network. He first logged onto the network and was able to get up Google. So i then tried and it worked for me. I didn't realise that a little globe had to appear on the network symbol in the system tray before using the Internet.

Mystery solved.

It felt fair dodgy sat out somebody's house using their internet. I don't know how people can do that and actually intend to steal somebody's Internet connection.

  Robotic_Rob 16:22 31 Dec 2007

It appears like Ive gone back a few steps. I decided today to buy a wireless router (Netgear DG834PN). Only £70 @ Curry's now :D

Ive set up the router through my desktop computer using one of the LAN ports. I can access the Internet no problem through the desktop computer. So now Ive tried to get my new laptop to connect to the router and Ive been having problems.
I couldn't connect to the router over wireless because it says its not receiving any back off the router even though Ive entered the correct passphrase. I tried it over a basic wired LAN and the laptop wouldn't connect correctly. I can connect to the router and i couldn't connect to the Internet because it was on a limited connection.

I noticed that the 6TO4 adaptor had an exclamation mark next to it. So i did a little searching and there appears to be some trouble with the 6TO4 adaptor and vista. I don't know if its still a problem these days at the information i found was from months ago.
So Ive turned off and disabled 6TO4 adaptor and the IPv6.

Now Ive turned off the 6TO4 adaptor and the IPv6 I'm able to access the internet over a basic LAN connection. But i still cant even connect to the router.

Do any of you guys have any suggestions?


  Robotic_Rob 01:25 01 Jan 2008

It doesn't matter anymore about getting my laptop to connect to the router as i have now solved it. It didn't help with reading the misleading information even from Netgear. Since i was doing everything correct according to the misleading information i just assumed that the 6TO4 adaptor was the problem.

I would still like to know what the problem is with this 6TO4 adaptor. The error message in the device properties says "The device is unable to start (code 10)".

Do any of you have any suggestions to get this 6TO4 adaptor to work correctly.


  rohankm 14:23 18 Jan 2008

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