Internet "Access Denied by access control list"

  Taff36 11:31 14 Oct 2005

I have set up the brother in laws with a wireless router and the main machine works fine, Their ISP is AOL. On a Windows 98 machine upstairs the wireless network is connected and the router confirms the presence of this machine however the message appears as follows when we try to connect to the internet through IE.

403 Forbidden

You were denied access because:

Access denied by control list

I`ve read the KB316699 which says I should create a new connection to your ISP. Does that mean I have to install the AOL software and should I really need to?

  Taff36 08:07 16 Oct 2005


  powerless 08:42 16 Oct 2005

Check the routers config through the browser, look for a setting "Wireless Station Access List" or something like that.

What router we dealing with here?

  Taff36 08:51 16 Oct 2005

It`s a D-Link DG604T - one I`ve set up a dozen times before. Embarrassingly this one`s for the brother in law. The computer appears in the "LAN Clients list" along with my laptop and the main PC.

I`ve brought the computer hoome to see if it will work on the same router here and connect to PlusNet - I`ll post back with the result in about half an hour which might help pinpoint the problem.

  Taff36 10:29 16 Oct 2005

I gt an entirely different message which was the usual dns/sensor page is not available. This I understood so In IE Options and Connection Tab I found that on the LAN settings the "Use proxy server" box was ticked (Although no proxy server was designated) - Unticked and all is now well!

Hopefully this will work OK when I return the computer to it`s home. I don`t understand why I should get a different mesage though or why I didn`t spot that before. Any sugestions (on the former!) Powerless.

  Taff36 07:40 18 Oct 2005

Computer returned and worked fine. Interestingly it was set up with one account when I started with it and I created one for it`s new "owner". The original profile would not connect but I deleted the profile anyway so the KB article was right but didn`t exactly explain how to correct the profile.

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