Internet access all log on ids on same XP Hme Comp

  Jungle 09:30 17 Dec 2003

If you have a Windows Home XP computer with multi log on ids ( ie one for each of the kids ) Is it possible to set them up so that they each log on id can access the internet. ? At the moment the internet access is only set up on the main ID. I have copied the details across from the Internet Explorer, Tools / Internet Options / Connections tab. And each user ID now has the same Dial up default highlighted with the same user id as the main internet connection, however when each user id tries to connect to the internet it just dials the number and fails on the user id / password. I have checked all the details and the user id / password seems to be the same as the master log on id ( ie the dad ) but they are the only ones able to access the internet. So at the moment if any other log on id wants to access the pc they have to go via the main log on.

Is this somthing I have missed ? and if so please could you explain what is required.

Many thanks

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