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  Dench 12:05 01 Jan 2006

If I boot up my broadband modem connection before switching on the PC everything works fine. If the broadband modem is switched on after the PC, I cannot get the PC to connect to the internet even though the modem is synchronized ok. This problem also re-occurs after the PC has gone into standby mode and then awakened. This is not a new problem as I have put up with this inconvenience for years with broadband but it is very irritating.
I cannot work out why these events are happening, is it perhaps the Zonealarm firewall that is inhibiting reconnection. I cannot find anything in the firewall settings that would cause this problem. Any clues appreciated.

  pauldonovan 12:29 01 Jan 2006

If your PC is configured to get its IP address by DHCP, I suspect it might not like it if the source of that address (probably the router) is off when you boot the PC. Why not just leave it on?

  Dench 12:42 01 Jan 2006

Yes the IP address is obtained from the router but I would have thought the PC would frequently check for an IP address. I don't leave the modem on because it gets very hot. I have been using a Speedtouch 530 but due to the heat it had been giving problems with dropping out every few minutes. I now have a new modem and don't want that one to burn out.

  Forum Editor 12:58 01 Jan 2006

is overheating to the point where you're worried about it there might be something wrong with its location - does it have an adequate airflow where it is?

ADSL modems will normally heat up in use, but they're designed to cope with this, and it's almost unheard of for one to 'burn out'. Your PC will try to obtain an IP address when you turn it on, and if there's no DHCP server active it will be unable to do so.

I agree with pauldonovan - leave the modem running, and only turn it off when the computer isn't in use.

  Dench 15:00 01 Jan 2006

I do keep the modem/router on a hard clear surface because the 3mm feet do not leave much room for a decent airflow. Why modems have the air holes in the base of the unit with nothing on the top to let the heat out defeats me. After searching the internet forums I discovered that the Speedtouch 530 has a large problem of the electrolytic capacitors bulging and packing up due to the heat within the unit. I only switch off the modem when the PC is not also switched off.
None of these issues help to explain the lack of reconnection.

  pauldonovan 22:14 01 Jan 2006

..but I was so glad when I ditched my speedtouch for an ADSL router. You often get a hardware firewall with it, it is truly 'always on' (you have, I presume, to click 'connect' or something to connect to the net) and i've never had such a problem - my router is on can pick them up very reasonably now.

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