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  shuggee 22:00 24 Nov 2003

I have a HP Pavilion PC running Windows XP home.

I have recently reinstalled the operating system and downloaded all the available windows updates.

The PC was ok before I did this but now, when I am connected to the Internet, I constasntly lose my connexion. I have it set to redial which it does, sometimes every few seconds.

Because the machine was ok before I downloaded the updates I am assuming that something I have downloaded has caused this problem.

Does anyone know of any way that I can find out what it is that has caused this or would it just be best to start again and reinstall the OS.


  Lozzy 22:21 24 Nov 2003

Suggestion check that you have the correct number for the dial-up user ID and password. If thats OK, then try updating from the CD that came with the PC NOT from windows update re-instate the original modem driver. I think you may have updated the driver via windows update. To do this get into device manager remove modem then refresh and when it finds the modem direct the search to the CD Rom where the original modem driver is located.

  shuggee 22:35 24 Nov 2003

Thanks for the advice.

My PC came with XP preinstalled on a Partition and without a CD.

Can I direct it to this partition and, if so, can you tell me how to do it.

Thanks very much

  christmascracker 10:30 25 Nov 2003


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