Internet acceleration--anyone know what it's like?

  DIYgirl 19:42 02 Jan 2005

I am still trying to improve my internet access. Broadband is probably out, because of the length of our phone line (although I hope to know more after the BT engineer's visit on Tuesday). So I am looking into alternatives.

Satellite broadband is very expensive, but we might qualify for a grant. However, I have jsut seen this on the internt:

click here

Which might be an alternative. Has anyone used a service like this, and if so, with what results? I have very little technical knowledge so don't know if the explanations given at the site are reasonable or not. But it is very cheap and if it works as well as they say it will (and why should I doubt them?!) then it could be a good alternative to broadband for me.

  €dstowe 19:46 02 Jan 2005

If it worked, everyone would be clamouring at their door to get it and there would be little or no market for broadband. As people aren't doing that, one can only assume it is hype.

  ACOLYTE 19:52 02 Jan 2005

There was a piece in PCA mag about this a couple of issues back,i cant remember the details but it has helped some people with slow connections
don't expect BB speeds tho,it only compresses your data so it seems faster,if you really wont BB speeds then I'm afraid you will need a BB connection.

  DIYgirl 19:53 02 Jan 2005

€dstowe, that's what I suspected. Never mind. It was worth considering.

  DIYgirl 19:58 02 Jan 2005

Acolyte, we can't seem to get broadband here. I have an abysmally slow dial-up connection (compared to when I use my father's pc) so I wondered if it would improve things at all.

  JIM 20:04 02 Jan 2005

Which is unusual in this day and age for good software program.I stand to be corrected if not the case.

Must have missed the article.

"What impresses us the most about ONSPEED is the high quality of its compression technology."
PC Advisor Magazine Gold June 2004

  kenamb 20:12 02 Jan 2005

I used this for a while when i was on dial up / only speeded things up a little but when it came to downloading a picture then it slowed up. For general downloading of text then it is quicker than normal dial up . Its worth trying as you can claim your money back within a trial period.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:32 02 Jan 2005

Type 'onspeed' into the search on the left.


  Graham ® 21:49 02 Jan 2005

Try this link:

click here

  DIYgirl 08:08 03 Jan 2005

Graham, that's interesting. Now all I need to be able to do is test the speed of my dial-up service, and if it significantly under the minimum (which I suspect it could be!) I might be able to do something about it.

Where should I go for this? Anybody?

  wiz-king 08:19 03 Jan 2005

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