Internet abroad please advise simply

  Jeyjey2 19:26 16 May 2018

I am going to Spain for 1 week in June and would like to get the internet on my iPad. I would also like to get English tv over there. I want to watch it through the tv not my iPad so need connections. I will be using this quite a lot so will want to know the cheapest way of doing this. Could some one advise me in very simple terms what I need to do for all these things.

  difarn 21:12 16 May 2018

If you have a smartphone can you tether that to your ipad to use it as a hotspot. At the moment roaming charges have been abolished in the EU and you can use your UK data plan. You should check with your provider.

The tv may be a lot more difficult and not worth it for a stay of a week. It would very likely involve a satellite dish and a receiver/decoder.

  wee eddie 21:41 16 May 2018

Beware. You may be expected to pay by the minute

  difarn 23:03 16 May 2018

@ wee eddie

I use my smartphone in the EU using the data plan that I have in the UK as there are no roaming charges at the moment. When I was in Germany and France recently I received messages from my provider telling me that roaming was free in accordance with the limits of my data plan. When I went through Luxembourg I received a message to say that roaming charges would apply. As I said the OP needs to check with his/her internet provider just to be on the safe side.

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