Internernet connection speed varying

  bumpkin 21:42 10 Aug 2018

Unill a fews weeks ago I was getting constant speeds of about 35mbs which what I should get. Now getting between 1 and 20, normally around 13 to 15. My point is that if I turn off the router for a few minutes and then restart it I get a much faster connection but still not what it should be. Do you think this is the router failing or any other reason. I am with Talktalk and their customer service is hopeless so I thought I would ask here first.

  bumpkin 22:31 10 Aug 2018

Thanks, I will see what happens.

  bumpkin 20:08 11 Aug 2018

Almost no connection this morning, turned the router of for a few mins then 20megs. Same this evening ookla showing 1meg after restart of router 16meg.

  onthelimit1 11:25 12 Aug 2018

Could be a problem with the line, and the kit in the exchange is dragging the speed down to try to maintain a connection. Has it rained after the long dry spell? If so, it could be a problem in any overhead cables that feed your property.

  onthelimit1 11:27 12 Aug 2018

Meant to add - if so, TT should be able to do a quality check which will reveal such problems. If any found, they will then arrange a visit with BT.

  lotvic 18:18 12 Aug 2018

If you join talk talk forum their staff will help sort it click here the OCE's are talktalk staff and they will be able to access your line status and arrange for OpenReach to trace faults. I think there is also 'live chat' for urgent out of hours help.

  bumpkin 23:26 20 Aug 2018

Still hopeless, BT engineer has checked line and wiring and said all ok it is the modem. Nearly 2 hrs on the phone ot talktalk and still no satisfactory solution. Can't they just send me a new router, no it seema, things have to be escalated which can take up to 3days for them to contact me and that still does not mean it will be fixed. I am tempted to buy my own bloody router but some are hundreds of pounds unless anyone can reccomend a decent priced one.

  BT 08:19 21 Aug 2018

I find that my speeds vary enormously. My desktop with WinXP runs consistently slow, probably because its old. My Win10 laptop has varying speeds but the first check is always slow but improves with each check. Wireless is always about half the speed of a cable connection. I may get 14mbs on first check then 95mbs on subsequent checks. May seem fast but I'm on Virgin 350mbs but have never got more than about 100mbs despite Virgins efforts. I had free upgrades to these speeds so can't really complain too much.

A few weeks ago we lost all our TV/Broadband. I saw the engineer working in the box and went over to ask about it. She told me she was replacing the amplifier and was surprised we were getting any service at all. Apparently the amplifier was only outputting less than 10 and it should be over 40. (10 or 40 what I don't know)

  john bunyan 10:07 21 Aug 2018

I have been with Talk Talk since Pipex days, on ADSL at 8 mbps . Won’t sign up to more than my existing rolling contract so may switch to SSE with fibre. I have always used my own routers . At one time I had a Linksys , but my latest, for the last few years is the most reliable- a Netgear . If you look at Curry’s they have Netgear ones for fibre at reasonable prices. In the past I have always had to escalate speed issues to the next level and a reset at the local exchange done by TT has often done the trick.

  bumpkin 11:31 21 Aug 2018

Would this be suitable click here

  bumpkin 11:33 21 Aug 2018

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