international calls

  billy72 17:03 05 Sep 2007

hi i am getting 2/3 international calls a day, after a hard day at work i do not want to get up off my chair to keep answering the phone. I am registered with TPS.
I politley asked the last caller to take me off their call list and not phone again guess what he said no!!! how can this be I am afraid to say I said a very rude word ending in off but they still called back.Has any one got a suloution to this.

  holme 17:12 05 Sep 2007

In the first instance, report this to the TPS, with as much detail as you can give them, especially names and (obviously) numbers.

Secondly, report to BT (if that's who you're with). They have procedures in place to deal with nuisance calls of this nature. See click here

  g0slp 18:03 05 Sep 2007

TPS doesn't apply to calls from abroad, I'm afraid.

As an aide, I've just had an incoming 'international' call; automatic spiel when call answered - "do you want to go to the USA on holiday? Just press '9' for more info..."

As I'm sure most of us would do, I simply hung up.

Caller ID was a few letters & numbers, as seen regularly on calls from the sub-continent, so can't say who it actually was. Pity...

  g0slp 18:04 05 Sep 2007

aide? 'Aside' is what I meant to trype...

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