Internal ZIP drive - HDD LED stays on

  Laser157 10:43 13 Jan 2005

I have recently installed an internal (IDE) 100mb Zip drive in my second computer. The drive is second hand but seems to function OK.

However the HDD LED now stays on continuously. Disconnect the drive and the LED functions normally. This does not seem to affect the functionality of the machine at all, but it's a bit odd.

Has anyone any ideas about this and whether there is a fix for it?

  Earthworm 13:18 13 Jan 2005

Is the IDE cable the right way around as this will affect the device

  Laser157 16:35 13 Jan 2005

Thanks for the response Earthworm.

I have checked the IDE cable, but it's fine. In fact it's keyed so it cannot be inserted the wrong way round either into the mobo or the drive.

  Laser157 19:36 13 Jan 2005

Anyone got any more thoughts on this one?

  Laser157 07:52 14 Jan 2005

I'll try again!

  Laser157 13:01 14 Jan 2005

Resolved this myself. Made Zip drive master on secondary IDE instead of slave, with CDR/RW now slave. This works fine.

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