Internal USB 2.0 Connector different from plug?

  NICTRY 10:04 10 Sep 2005

Either I am going mad or somthing ain't quite right!

I have bought an internal card reader and gone to install it onto my new Dell 5100, there appears to be a USB 2.0 set of pins right next to the USB ports on the back of the PC but the pin that is 'missing' is one in from the end, the connector on my ISB 2.0 connection from the card reader has its missing pin at the evry end ie 5 pins and 4 pins below.

I am soooo confused as I though this would just plug in to the board, am I losing my mind or is there a simple solution that I am just missing????

  ICF 10:15 10 Sep 2005
  Eric10 10:42 10 Sep 2005

These links show where the connector is but unfortunately don't show pinouts but may at least confirm you have identified the correct connector. click here and click here

  Gongoozler 10:49 10 Sep 2005

Hi NICTRY. Unfortunately there is no industry standard for motherboard USB header pinout. What you absolutely must do is to ensure that the +5V and 0V connectors from the card reader go to the correct pins on the motherboard header. If you get the +5V in the wrong place you can permanently damage both the card reader and the motherboard. Unless the motherboard manual for the computer, or markings on the motherboard, clearly state which pins are which, the only safe way to to determine which pins are +5V and 0V is to use a multimeter. The DATA+ and DATA- pins are not nearly as critical, you can reverse them and the worst thing that can happen is that the card reader just won't work. Once you have determined the pin allocations, it is usually not difficult to remove the cable sockets from the plastic housing. You just need to use a fine pointed tool to release the barbs, and the metal parts can be pulled out and re-inserted in the correct positions.

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