Internal SAerver Error pop-ups

  Furkin 09:26 02 Mar 2010

ACER T120 Desktop : XP sp3 : IE8
For some time now, I've noticed that quite often when following a link, or doing a search on the net, I keep getting pop-ups like: INTERNAL SERVER ERROR or DRIVER UPDATE (para).
I used to just ignore it & go to a different place.
I am now trying to verify my Supanet e-mail addresses with BT and coming across it all the time now.
Yesterday, I got as far as receiving a verification code for one address, but when I clicked on the link - to verify - I got one of the pop-ups.
Today I thought I'd try again, but when I'm only halfway through the process, I now get the pop-up before I've finished.
IF I'm reading it right, it seems to be something to do with IE7 Pro. I'm using IE8.
I have my 'Pop-ups' turned off.
How do I stop this please ?

Thanks for reading.

  Furkin 13:50 02 Mar 2010

I've managed to Uninstall IE7 (tho' why I had it at all baffles me - ooops, just remembered, I used it on the advice of these pages, cos I somehow didn't get a Spell Checker with IE8 ??).

I can now get through the Verify stage on BT site, but when I receive their verification code, I click on their link to verify, but it ALWAYS comes up with "ERROR - Confirmation code dosn't match our records".
Obviously the code is generated by them.
When you click the link, the code is already in the box - but it isn't accepted.

I have tried copy'n'paste the number, but to no avail.

I've e-mailed BT but it could be days or weeks b4 they get back - if they ever do.

I remember now, that I used to get this problem a couple of years ago when going through the same thing.

  Furkin 08:51 03 Mar 2010

B.T did call back & went through their system with me.
I allowed them to share my machine whilst they did so.
They kept telling me to do what I've been doing for ages: verify etc. They didn't seem to understand that their generated code was NEVER accepted by their system.
It wasn't until he saw for himself that it dawned on him !?!?
In the end, it did get sorted, but by latching on to another sub account.
The main account is still not working, and they don't know why !

At least all mine are up'n'runnin again.

Do I need to take any precautions now that BT has shared my machine (not that I suspect them of anything,,,,,)?

  folsom 11:09 03 Mar 2010

2 threads running on same issue is not recommended.

  Furkin 11:21 03 Mar 2010

,,,, sorry mate,,,, they started off different.
1/ BT E-Mail Error Messages
2/ IE Pop up Errors.

Will watch it in the future.

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