internal hard drives

  cthcth18 21:35 17 Mar 2007

I have an Acer TravelMate 380, and one of the hardware components has started making rather noisy complaining like sounds, so I'm presuming my hard drive is about to pack up, after having replaced it about 4 months ago due to a rather unfortunate beverage spillage incident.

My main question is can I stick in any internal hard drive? Or does it have to have certain specifications?

Another question is related to the fact that I took it to an outside company (campus computers) as opposed to sending it off to Acer (due to my Dad's short-sightedness) despite it being under the original Acer extended warrantee and insurance that we bought with the laptop. It is still within the time period, but have I voided these by going to Campus Computers, taking into account that they ordered the parts they needed from Acer?

Any help is appreciated :¬)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:44 17 Mar 2007

Laptop drives come in different thicknesses typically 9.5mm and 12mm

check you drive physical size

  WhiteTruckMan 22:40 17 Mar 2007

regarding the warranty. You may have invalidated it, best to check with acer, but read the T&C of the warranty first. And if you paid for it with a credit card it may be worth while speaking to the card company as well.

As regards the HDD, first thing is to back up anything important!

Second is not to mess with it as its only 4 months old and it should still be under warranty. Go back to the company that fitted it. In fact, do this anyway as the sooner you do it the better chance you have of establishing a claim for a faulty component, even if it does carry on for quite a while. (if it fails at 11 months you can say " ah, yes, but I brought it to your attention 7 months ago..."


  Pamy 23:04 17 Mar 2007

your claim is with Campus Computers now

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