internal hard drive

  smylle 10:11 03 Aug 2005

Can I have two internal hard drive in my PC? I have an existing 40GB hard drive and I want to add another 40 to 80GB.

  Magic Hobo 10:20 03 Aug 2005

You can have another Hard Drive in your computer if you have a spare 3.5 inch drive bay and if you have a spare power connector and Ultra ATA or SATA connector depending on your drive. For instructions on fitting a new drive click here

  smylle 11:17 03 Aug 2005

tnx Magic Hobo..I already looked into my PC and found the empy slot and spare cables.

Another thing I have in my mind is..I only have a 1.7GHz processor (intel pentium 4). Does it has a limit for a memory and hard drive upgrade?
Many thanks

  Magic Hobo 11:30 03 Aug 2005

But your motherboard might have restrictions as to how much memory you can put in each slot.Also if your File System is Fat32 then it will only allow you to use 137gb of space on a drive larger than 137gb.

  DieSse 13:37 03 Aug 2005

What Operating System are you running? - how much RAM do you have now?

Then you can be advised better.

  smylle 09:09 04 Aug 2005

DieSse...I am running windows XP Pro...256 RAM


  Diemmess 09:29 04 Aug 2005

You should have no problem at all, except that such is the market that a 40Gb HD may be more difficult to find than 80Gb!

  Diodorus Siculus 09:31 04 Aug 2005

You should have no problem with a disk up to 120gb (or even higher). Get whatever seems the best value and partition it so as to maximise your ability to put some order on it.

  smylle 09:45 04 Aug 2005

I already found a vacant slot and extra wires (power and connectors) for the connection of extra HD. After I connect all of this..are there any extra things to do?ie installation,formatting etc etc. or it's just like a plug and play connection?
Many thank again.......

  quack 10:17 04 Aug 2005

Don't forget the new HDD must be set as 'Slave' to the one already fitted. This is done by adjusting the jumpers on the hard drive.

  Al94 10:30 04 Aug 2005

click here for good instructions on ititialisation and formatting in XP

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