Internal drive lights on all the time

  Night Ryder 23:31 16 Jul 2009

I recently assembled a new system and I note that the internal drive light is on all the time. Well nearly all the time. To explain:
It's a Windows XP operating system with one of the latest Asus Mother Boards.

I have drives attached to the SATA and ATA interfaces. Once completely booted I noticed the internal drive light is on all the time. This does not appear to effect the system which is running smooth and fast.

I have a ATA DVD-ROM attached. Strange thing is all I have to do is open the DVD drive drawer and close it (no disk in the drive). The Hddrive indicator light flickers for a couple of seconds then goes out completely. If I repeat the process the hddrive indicator light stays on again. Do it again and the light goes off.

Anyone got any ideas?

  ambra4 03:39 17 Jul 2009

“I have drives attached to the SATA and ATA interfaces”

How many SATA Hard Drives and IDE Hard Drive in unit?

How are they connected to the motherboard and the SATA ports that is being used

Sata Port 1: - Main drive with OS (XP / Vista)

Sata Port 2: - Second drive with Second OS (Linux / Win 7)

Sata Port 3: - DVD-ROM burns drive

Sata Port 4: - ?????

“I have a ATA DVD-ROM attached”

Is there any hard drive also connected with the IDE DVD-ROM drive

If so have you set the hard drive as “Master” and the IDE DVD-ROM drive as “Slave”

  robin_x 04:14 17 Jul 2009

My system:

Compaq Desktop Presario XP Home SP3

1st IDE Cable labelled MASTER. Only goes to IDE HDD with jumpers set to CS. No SLAVE conn on the cable.

2nd IDE Cable MASTER conn goes to DVDRW.
Jumpers @ MASTER
Cable SLAVE conn is not connected.

Just added new SATA.
Motherboard SATA1 conn to SATA HDD.
No jumpers on this HDD.

Check BIOS sees all disks, and boot priority is correct.
Also, see what Disk Management says, for info.
Right Click My Computer, select Manage etc

I found this document handy when I put my new disk in.
Didnt know what CS was, or that the cables could be important.Though it was just simple Master Slave stuff.

click here

That's the limit of my knowledge. Good Luck.

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