Internal clock looses time

  Hofnar 14:30 10 Jan 2003
  Hofnar 14:30 10 Jan 2003

My 3 month old PC is loosing hours and days of the setting. Only when I go online will it resett itself. Is this normal? Never had this problem with my old computer.

  golfpro 14:47 10 Jan 2003

Double click clock (bottom right) goto internet time click box "automaticly synchronize with an iternet time server" Choose

  €dstow 14:49 10 Jan 2003

Is it losing time or is the time just changing at random when you switch off and on?

If the latter, it could well be the motherboard battery that is flat/faulty/absent.


  Legolas 14:50 10 Jan 2003

It could be a problem with the battery although if the computer is only 3 month old that would seem unlikely.

  Legolas 14:51 10 Jan 2003

snap €dstow

  €dstow 14:52 10 Jan 2003



  powerless 14:53 10 Jan 2003

Any new software recenlty installed that would coincide (i think thats the word i want to use)with the loss of the time?

IF not i wouldnt dismiss (i think thats the word i want to use)the CMOS battery being flat.

  wee eddie 19:43 10 Jan 2003

Ask the seller.

Such a problem should be covered by the warantry.

  DieSse 21:40 10 Jan 2003

The battery keeps the clock running when the system is switched off - it's kept ruuning in Software when the system is switched on.

So - if it loses time when it's off (ie - you switch it on and the time is way out) - then it's a battery or hardware problem.

If it loses time when the system is running, it's down to software - usually one program, which you would need to isolate.

  AMD 4 ever 22:10 10 Jan 2003

Follow this and you can't go wrong, once you know the cause.

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