Internal Card Reader No Spare USB Header

  Scott_the_Scot 14:02 07 Jun 2008

My Arbico computer arrived on Thursday (PC advisor Best Buy). Unfortunately they failed to supply the internal card reader that I had upgraded to. When I contacted them their explanation was that there is only 1 USB header on the mother board which they used for the front USB ports. Before I send the computer back for a refund is there any way I can get an internal card to work in this machine.

  crosstrainer 14:05 07 Jun 2008

If you ordered a particular spec. and did not get it, send it back...I find it hard to believe the excuse that the mobo (you don't know what it is do you?) has only one oin-out set.

Modern mobo's even micro atx come with at least 2 and usually 4.

  Technotiger 14:05 07 Jun 2008

Yes, it is possible to get a Internal card read which connects via a USB port at the rear of the tower - I have such a multi-card reader.

  crosstrainer 14:06 07 Jun 2008

"oin" = Pin!

  Technotiger 14:08 07 Jun 2008

I have just looked at the box my multi-card reader came in, it is from Sweeex ... click here and it is a USB Card Reader 30-in-1.

  Scott_the_Scot 14:12 07 Jun 2008

Thanks for the quick replies guts. The motherboard is a Asrock 4Core1333-GLAN and does only have 1 USB header. Technotiger do you have any idea were I can get an internal reader with a standard USB cable I have searched the web and they either have the header connector or don't say.

  Scott_the_Scot 14:12 07 Jun 2008

Thanks Technotiger you replied while I was trping my reply.

  Technotiger 14:20 07 Jun 2008

I have looked on the Sweex site but can't see my actual reader - they do have a later version of their Internal card reader which is similar to mine, but I can't tell if they have changed the usb cable or not.

This is the one they have now, which is very slightly different to my own, from Sweex. click here

  Technotiger 14:25 07 Jun 2008

Oh - on checking further, their updated usb card reader is now a Motherboard fitting, whereas my own is a simple USB connection.

Looks as if you need to find a adapter USB to 9pin mobo header?

  woodchip 14:27 07 Jun 2008

You could buy one of those inserts that as USB and Card reader all in one click here

  Scott_the_Scot 14:30 07 Jun 2008

Had a look at this one Technotiger and it is one that connects to the motherboard. Seems that as motherboard manufacturers are putting more USB headers on there is less need for internal readers that have normal USB connections. Arbico have got back to me and are offering to send me an internal card reader with a USB port that will connect to the USB header and a 2 port USB PCI card. This means that the 2 front USBs already installed will no longer work. Still deciding to accept or not.

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