Internal battery needs replacing, hp alert 601

  gazza1379 13:37 06 May 2017

Hi I have a hp pavilion dv3 Model number dv3-2310ea Keep getting hp alert 601 saying internal battery needs replacing, do I need to replace the large main battery or the little circle one inside the laptop, thanks

  rdave13 13:52 06 May 2017

It's the main battery, have a look at this thread, there's also a link within for a stand alone battery tester, click here .

  Govan1x 14:04 06 May 2017

Probably the main Battery.

It may not need replacing so wait till you get some more answers to your question

You could try removing the power cord and the battery and holding in the start button for 50 seconds then installing the the battery and power cord again.

That will get rid of any static and maybe also remove the warning.

Worth a try till someone can give you better information.

  gazza1379 14:14 06 May 2017

Tried that and still get the warning message plus laptop stays on for around 30 seconds then turns its self off every time so pretty certain the battery has gone

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