Intermittent Wireless broadband with Win7

  the old man 23:46 23 Jan 2010

Since upgrading to Win7 I have been experiencing intermittent Broadband. I will be fine for 10 mins then i lose the signal. Next time it could be fine for an hour then it will drop out and the only way to get it back up is to turn off router and disconnect the telephone leads.
All wiring and adaptors were fine and still in place before adn after Win7

  Ashrich 10:00 24 Jan 2010

This may either be a power saving feature which can be adjusted in the power options ( you may have to delve a bit deep in power profiles ) or a newer driver might be required , although a Vista driver should do the job Ok .

Of course there is also the possibility that the router is a bit flaky . . . .have you tried connecting to another router other than your own ?


  the old man 13:08 27 Jan 2010

Not had opportunity to use another router. Have been into power options and nothing jumps out as if it is wrong. No settings have been changed. Just wondering if it is something to do with setting on router itself. Seems strange that it is dropping so regularly. I contacted Talktalk to talk me thru the settings last week because I was just starting with this problem and reset my router. All settings as far as I know are correct because tech. support gave them to me and they were input correctly.

  Ashrich 00:02 29 Jan 2010

Windows Vista and probably 7 have a penchant for " power saving " things like USB ports , Ethernet ports and wireless cards , especially when on battery power , so digging a bit deeper and finding the wireless card settings is worth doing ( max power when plugged in etc. ) , another thing to look at is in device manager under the advanced tab and look for power settings there , it is sometimes called CAM ( constantly awake mode )

Haven't got a Win7 machine here at the moment , but in Vista you need to look at power options/performance plans/change plan settings/change advanced plan settings/wireless adapter settings , should be similar in 7


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