intermittent shut down - but showing connected

  Ex plorer 13:36 31 May 2009

Hi a problem that keeps accruing is that after an intermittent time when surfing my timer comes into play and I cant surf any more, I get a screen to reconnect,
Trying to reconnect on the pop up screen screen does not work.
According to my icon in the lower Right corner I am still connected and double clicking it shows I am connected.
Re clicking the FireFox icon gets me running again, any ideas.

  lotvic 16:07 31 May 2009

"my timer comes into play "

please explain what that is exactly.

  ambra4 16:52 31 May 2009

How are you connect to the router hard wire or wireless

As “lotvic” ask, "my timer comes into play "

Please explain what that is exactly

What timer?

  Ex plorer 23:01 02 Jun 2009

The circular object that comes on or it used to be an egg timer on older OS which would show when surfing from one page to the next.

OS Vista Laptop
Wirelessly Conected.

  phono 23:21 02 Jun 2009

"I get a screen to reconnect, "

What exactly does the screen say? You need to be more precise.

The timer you refer to is the "working in background" and/or "busy" pointer, a pointer with a circle is the former and a circle alone the latter.

  lotvic 23:46 02 Jun 2009

if you mean the circle of dots on the web page tab header then that just means that the web page is still loading before it can display.
some web pages take longer than others, it depends on the server it comes from, you can't make it any quicker.

If you look at the bottom of your screen on the status bar it may say 'Waiting for www xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx. com'

What does the pop up say?

  Ex plorer 00:34 03 Jun 2009

Connect to Internet, the one with my email address and change my password. You could be right and I am impatient I wilook out for www xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx. com' next time.

  phono 00:45 03 Jun 2009

"Connect to Internet, the one with my email address and change my password."

Not sure exactly what you mean, who is your Internet Service Provider? (ISP) You say that you are connected wirelessly, what is the make and model of the router you are connecting to?

You alluded to a circle, which on a previous OS was an egg timer, does the circle move when you move the mouse around the screen or is it in the top right hand corner of the browser menu bar as per Firefox?

  Ex plorer 08:09 03 Jun 2009

Hi this is the image
click here
Username is my email address and my password.

The circle moves with the arrow its a timer that spins when searhing the net with Vista.

  lotvic 15:38 03 Jun 2009

That certainly looks as if the actual connection has dropped.

LAUSDnet FAQ's click here

Los Angeles Unified School District www

Check your connection settings are as per click here

I am in England UK so can't really help you troubleshoot your connection only with settings as above.

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