Intermittent screen flicker and lockout

  TimCDC 20:31 14 Apr 2006

In the last couple of days, my screen has started to have redraw and blackout problems. this seems to be mainly triggered by movement of the mouse - sometimes it temporarily (say, half a second) cuts to blank and then comes back with the screen correctly, sometimes it blurs/garbles the picture in a restricted area. At its worst (only twice), it has stopped sending any information to the screen, and the only way I can get it up and running again is to do a hard reboot.
I've updated the driver for the NVidia GeForce 4 MX 420 but it doesn't seem to have made any difference. I've also checked that the graphics card is seated correctly.
I wonder if there is a link to the fact that three days ago, I installed a broadband modem, Speedtouch 330. I notice in the properties of this programme that you can adjust the "screen update" speed, and have turned it down to every 10 seconds but this doesn't seem to make any difference.
I'd be grateful for any ideas people can give me. Thanks,

  TimCDC 13:53 16 Apr 2006

This problem is getting progressively worse, but is still intermittent. About five minutes ago it was dreadful and now all is fine again. I'd be really grateful for any advice anyone can give me. Thanks

  remind 13:56 16 Apr 2006

Same problem when booted in safe mode?

  TimCDC 14:01 16 Apr 2006

Thanks for htis, remind. Will check in a minute. As its an intermittent problem, will report back in a while...can I connect to internet while in safe mode?

  remind 14:05 16 Apr 2006

Not with a USB modem

  TimCDC 14:09 16 Apr 2006

Hmm, ho hum, that's what it is. Interestingly, most of the problems seem to occur when I'm connected to the internet (although it also sometimes happens at the welcome screen).
Might it be something to do with the number of usbs I've got plugged in? I've only got printer, modem, usb driven speakers, and still have two more usb ports unconnected?

  remind 14:11 16 Apr 2006

Best to hook them up to a usb hub with it's own power supply.

  Stuartli 14:11 16 Apr 2006

Have you checked the monitor's colour, resolution and refresh rate settings?

You may have a refresh rate that the graphics card will no cope with - 85MHz is the best all round setting for maximum relief from flicker for the vast majority of users.

If you right click on the Desktop>Properties>Settings tab>Advanced button>Adapter tab>List All Modes and click on List All Modes, all the combinations your card can support will be listed on a menu panel.

  Stuartli 14:12 16 Apr 2006

Click on the combination of colour, resolution and refresh rate required, highlight and then OK.

Ensure that Change Settings Without Rebooting or similar wording is enabled.

  TimCDC 14:17 16 Apr 2006

Thanks Stuartli. Have just turned down the refresh rate from 75hz to 60.
I will see how that goes. If that's no good then my next step will be to nip out and get a usb hub with power supply, following remind's advice. Next step will hopefully not involve a large hammer.
Interestingly, there's been no more problems for the last 25 minutes.

  remind 14:39 16 Apr 2006

Always the way. Try things for a while with your printer and speakers disconnected just to confirm.

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