Intermittent screen faltering On/Off Cause???

  compumac 15:51 12 Mar 2014

This is one of those Senior moment weeks.

With the PC booted up what would cause a screen to intermittently black out and come on again almost immediately? This has started to occur over the past week or so. - this is when not being accessed and without any movement of PC.

Leads all firmly in place .

  bumpkin 16:35 12 Mar 2014

Try another monitor if you have one. That narrows it down a bit.

  Woolwell 17:32 12 Mar 2014

Going to sleep when the mouse has not been moved for a while?

  compumac 17:38 12 Mar 2014

Spare monitor in loft, as stated senior moment week. I will have to go and get it I suppose.

Mouse does not affect it.

  bumpkin 18:06 12 Mar 2014

" I will have to go and get it I suppose." It is a good way to start eliminating things.

  compumac 18:20 12 Mar 2014


Yes, but as stated senior problems. I have had another PC problem for the past two weeks that has taken that long to eliminate the culprit and today I finally found the culprit after a process of very, very slow elimination. The main thing was that is was an intermittent one, much the same as now with the monitor.

  bumpkin 19:08 12 Mar 2014

intermittent faults are the hardest ones to resolve.

  bumpkin 19:25 12 Mar 2014

How often does it occur?

  compumac 19:27 12 Mar 2014


Several hours all OK then suddenly one or two blips - only lasts a couple of seconds each time then might happen again later in the day.

  bumpkin 20:33 12 Mar 2014

I don't know whether you have tried another monitor yet or not but the reason I replied originally was that I had a similar though not exactly the same thing with one of my PC's which my daughter uses, tried new cables no result it still did it but totally at random. Tried another monitor and that was fine, put back the original monitor and it started again so I have narrowed it down to the monitor itself. Tried it on another PC and it seemed OK. I have now put it back on my daughters PC and it will still do it. In the end I concluded that it was a dry joint from the input port to the monitor PCB. So in my case a new monitor or wiggle the input cable around and it may be OK for 5mins or a fortnight. Your case may be a completely different scenario but that is why my first thought is to try another monitor.

  compumac 20:40 12 Mar 2014


I will get the other monitor down for the weekend, but after having another very intermittent problem (now hopefully solved -I DID NOT SAY THAT)for the past fortnight I feel I need a rest for a couple of days.

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